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Well THAT was interesting...

What a day! It started out just fine. I made it to the library in time to drop off the child and for me to get to my Weight Loss Support Group class at ten. We had a nice class AND I dropped over two pounds from last Saturday. I am claiming that today just because I deserve a mood boost...and it looks good on my tracker at the top of the blog. After class I picked up the child at the library and we were off to the printers to get my quilt guild's newsletter printed. While that was printing, we stepped over to Goodwill to see what treasures the child might find in the electronics department. None were found but I promised him a trip to Savers tomorrow to see if there is anything there. (He likes taking things apart and fixing them) In the same shopping complex is my grocery store. We walked across the hot parking lot (temps in the 100's again) instead of moving the van here to there. After the printers we walked to get the groceries for the week. We did a lot of walking o

Is it Hot Enough for Ya?

I've been thinking about what to write about all day. Sometimes I feel like a broken record! If you follow my blog a little TOO closely you might have noticed that my weight was up last week, about a pound. I am pretty sure I know why too. I am not walking like I was. It is just too hot. I didn't write to you about it though. Sometimes I don't like to comment on the negative stuff. I don't like admitting I've failed to lose. But then I hope that by sharing the downs, you will see that there ARE ups and downs and no miracles. Also, if you have had some success, I hope you will see that and hold on to your successes. I know I do. I am not going to throw my 100+ diamonds away! I earned every one of them! They are MINE and I plan on keeping them and perhaps getting a few more. One thing surprised me about this down time in my time went on, I noticed I was getting more and more tired. When I was out walking almost daily, I had lots more energy! So my metab

The Best Plan to Lose Weight

SparkPeople's Coach Tanya says: There is no magic eating plan, program, or product that is guaranteed to help you lose weight and keep it off. The plan that will work is the one you will follow.


I wish I were talking about a cold snap. The heat is coming back...temps to be in the hundreds and little to no rain as far as the forecast can see. Need I say more? I do? Um....okay, my weight is staying the same...still up and down those same four pounds. You know what? I am getting more and more okay with that! I suspect when the temps cool down and I get back into my regular walking, I will drop ten pounds and settle in at that new weight for a looooong time...if not forever! I would be very okay with that ! Other of the postcasts I listen to is selling supplements now. I don't like that. I DO like the podcast for the most part, as the advise is good. I just don't agree with the side sales of supplements and their diet theory that it is all hormones that make us fat. My all time favorite podcast is still on hiatus. I hope the one who is having health issues, recovers soon. I still like their theory like the thinner person you want to be. I fou

Taking it Easy

Sorry I've been so quiet this week! It has been a busy week. I didn't weigh in last Saturday because we were out looking at houses. We've been thinking about perhaps buying a rental or maybe moving into a different house and renting out the one we live in now. All that came out of looking was that we are pretty happy where we are at and with the house we have...flaws and all. I saw the latest episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss. This week had a 20 year old girl that weighed 323 pounds. She was successful at her year long weight loss journey. I think she got down to 160-something. She had a good attitude about it. One thing that really struck me was when it came time for her to qualify for "skin surgery". She showed the flappy upper arms she had. The doctor exclaimed that there was three inches flapping around and that that was all skin. Then she bent over and showed the doctor how her belly hung like a bag with a bowling ball in it. She got the surgery. I ha

Distorted Image

I still feel like I look like a big fat obese woman. I still see a stranger in the mirror when I am well dressed in a flattering outfit. I don't know if this self image stuff will ever straighten out or not. I don't know if I want it to for fear I may forget how bad I was before I got better! Only time will tell. Speaking of distorted imaging, take a look at this yummy treat: I love raspberry and chocolate flavored foods and just had to buy these! I thought the 70 calories sounded great! So what if it had a bit of Splenda to cut the sugar, right? Then I got my first one out. I placed one on the box, next to the picture of the treat inside: I think they are not quite the same, don't you? No wonder they were only 70 calories! They would be more like 140 calories if they were closer to a normal I thought they were. Blue Bunny Ice Cream has made me crabby. I feel cheated...again. (at least they tasted good!) The photo doesn't really do it justice unless you

Dem's da Berries!

The phrase "Them's the berries" means that's the way it goes and ain't nothing we can do about it. I am not sure where it originated from. Today I am talking about berries though, and thought it would make for a good subject title. Until a year or two ago, I did not realize there was a difference between blackberries and black raspberries. I was just starting out my weight loss journey and the blackberries were just coming in season and priced low. I gleefully bought some and looked forward to eating them. Imagine my surprise when the berries tasted tart and almost sour! Where was that rich luscious sweet tasting berry I recalled eating as a child? Back in Minnesota, (near Frost, MN...yes that is a real town in the frozen north) where I grew up, we picked wild red raspberries in the woods along the river in the middle of farming country. Sometimes we found black raspberries. OH MY! Those were like finding gold! They are so sweet and mmm mmm good! When I saw t