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Who, me? Worry?

This saying is SO me! I need to work on not worrying so much about stuff. 

If you can't see beauty in yourself, get a better mirror.

Have you heard of "TED Talks"? There are a lot of interesting and inspirational stories on their site. I was listening to a recent one and I LOVE this quote from it: Isn't that a great thought?!? If you click on the 'Abby cartoon' it will take you to the whole video that I got the quote from.  Doing GREAT here! Walk-On!!!

Here we go!

Well, who'd a thunk it? The scotch was messing me up much more than I realized! My system is back to normal. I am not craving a drink. I didn't have any alcohol on Monday. I had three glasses of wine on Tuesday as we had gone out to eat and to play music at an open mic night. I had nothing on Wednesday or Thursday, even though both days were stressful. I am still going to have wine on the weekends. I have for years and just don't feel like worrying about it now. One step at a time as I get my head screwed on right again. I just finished those two thirty day exercise challenges and started new ones. They are going quite well! I do leg lifts: I am repeating the squat challenge, adding two five pound hand weights. I am doing the knee to elbow twists too. My knee and elbow don't get too close together though. Not yet anyway. I am still walking at least ten minutes a day too! The other exercise is called Starfish . You lift opposite leg and arm to each other while

It's not easy being me..(at least I am not a frog!)

Ribbit! It's not easy to love myself. I have no excuses. It is not easy to write about some things … like admitting I have a drinking problem. Or admitting I weigh 220 pounds (up twenty pounds from January). It isn't easy admitting I spend a lot of time sitting in my rocker recliner while watching old episodes of Thriller and Alfred Hitchcock. My head is not on as straight as I'd like it to be, but then, was it ever? I have not figured out the why of everything. I keep trying. I have upped my yoga to three times a week. The next thing will be to add strength training after the Monday and Friday yoga. Once the weather cools down, I plan to walk more. I did a lot of research and have decided to pass on being certified in yoga. I am not comfortable with where the money goes and what you get in return for it. I would do better by taking classes from different teachers, by reading more books, and by researching online. Right now, I am teaching two days a week. I am s