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Those TV food ads

TV food ads are literally in your face all the time. You cannot escape  They can trigger cravings too! Along with this is the exposure to alcohol and cigarettes. As a former smoker, I am amazed at how prevalent cigarettes are still on TV. Not so much the networks but on all the cable movies and many of the cable TV shows.  Worse than that is alcohol though. That is still so acceptable in our society. You can't hardly get away from it on TV or on FaceBook.  I drink too much wine. I want to cut down or cut out, wine in my life. My primary reason is that I don't need those calories or those types of calories on a daily basis. (high carb ) It leads to snacking more too and messes up my sleep. I self medicate with it. At the end of the day, I want to de -stress fast and just blank out the day. I didn't do this all my life but it has gotten out of hand over the past few years. Anyway, it is hard to quit when you see this person or that person talking about having a glass of