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Anyone for Breakfast?

I forgot to share this breakfast with you a few weeks ago! I used those thin sandwich rounds that Nature's Own makes, along with some egg whites, and made a French toast breakfast. A serving of low-cal syrup is a whole quarter cup, and I didn't need to use THAT much! Adding coffee rounded out this feast. I didn't show the fruit that also went with it. See? You do not have to feel so deprived when eating healthy! Now I am off for my Tuesday walk. I have lots of projects that need my attention today, so I will be a busy bee for sure! I hope you are having a wonderful day! Remember, you only fail when you quit trying!

It is NOT MY Fault!!!

If you've suffered with being overweight, especially if you are or have been obese, you've most likely been the target of unflattering comments. I was lucky. I was overweight as a child. I do not recall having classmates chastise me for being fat. I don't recall being teased or having mean jokes played on me. I know this is not true for everyone. My earliest recollections of being overweight come from my parents. They always meant well and were only trying to help, but they made it clear that I was going to be a failure at everything in life because I was fat. I wouldn't be able to get a job. I would not be able to get a boyfriend. I did not look pleasing. I would be a failure. Again, I add, that they meant well and did not mean for things to turn out the way they did. The first time I remember knowing that there was something 'wrong' with me was when Mom and I were looking through the catalog for clothes for the upcoming school year. She made some comment abo

Don't Put Me On A Pedestal! (and book reviews)

Everything has been going along fine here. The weather has been much warmer than normal and combined with recent rains, everything is blooming and greening up outside! I've been increasing my 'role' as co-leader of the weight loss support group at the local senior center. By the way, our "senior center" is not where old folks go to sit and vegetate. It is almost like a country club! There is a fantastic gym, a heated pool, a cooler lap pool, and classes for everything from exercise, to crafting, to dance, to driver improvement and more. There are day trips and overnight trips to all kinds of interesting places too. It is also VERY affordable! Anyway, I help out as I can with the weight loss support group. I like helping folks but worry about being put up on a pedestal. I am not perfect! I still struggle with eating right. I struggle with cigarettes off and on. I sometimes don't feel like exercising. I really have all the same issues that anyone can


First off, I haven't exactly addressed how I am doing these days. I feel I am in, or almost in, a maintenance mode now. I still have to track my foods. I still exercise 60 minutes per day, trying to do that seven days a week. It has all gotten so easy that it is scary! The scale doesn't move much these days. I had almost thought this was going to be where I was going to end up being, weight-wise. I convinced myself that this was ok because I was a LOT better than I was. Then I looked at my weight loss chart that one of my programs keeps for me. It looks ok. Then I took a closer look. I realized that I had lost TEN, yes TEN pounds since the first of January! That is very good, in my opinion. Of course MY opinion is all that counts here. I feel better about the slower progress now, especially because it IS still progress! In other tidbits of news, a month ago we had this: Snow in Arkansas is not that common, but we usually get a dusting now and then and a storm once in a while