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Hello World!

Hello world! How are you? I am doing pretty good these days. Life has been very busy. Let me start with the RV and I will finish with how I am doing with my health and fitness stuff. After almost three weeks at the shop, we finally got our RV back. We knew there had been a leak at one time. In the overhead cab area there is a bed. This is a picture of the front corner over the driver's side: See the warping of the wallpaper? Now take a close look at the wood. (click on the photo for a closeup) It is rotted through. That is all from water damage. The previous owners said it didn't leak. I am not calling them liars. I think a lot of beginner RV-ers do not realize how easy it is for an RV to develop a leak OR how much damage can come from a very small leak. Here is another shot of that same corner. You can see the discoloring on the carpeted wall above the wood. You can also see more of the rotting on that wood. Look what was underneath, hidden from view: That brown i