Thursday, September 18, 2014

The truth hurts good!

Shame on me for not posting sooner. I've been preoccupied and busy. No, that is a lame excuse. I really wonder if it is worth writing about the same old same old. I bet there are only one or two people that even read this blog of mine. Oh well. If even ONE person reads this blog still and it helps them out, I will keep on posting. It might only be a few times a month, but I will post anyway. . . just in case.

Autumn is just around the corner and it is my favorite time of the year. Today I walked on my trail. I haven't been out there for many many months. Sadly, I won't be going back there any time soon. It has become terribly overgrown and it is hard walking through tall grass and weeds. Plus I worry about ticks. It was still nice to be out there though. I should hit over 10,000 steps today because of it too! I will be sticking to the pavement though. We have a pretty decent neighborhood and I can go in many different directions so as not to become bored with the same pavement each time.

I've lost a few pounds and am back under 220 again. I will admit I am ever the skeptic and I don't know if this is the road back to one-derland or just a fluke. I hope it is the roadway!

School has been back in session for a month now. It is nice getting back into a routine. My Friday yoga class still has people showing up. I hope I am doing right by them. I take it very seriously. I want to help. I also love the attention and positive feedback. Being the oldest child in my family makes for somewhat of a narcissistic personality. I try to keep that a positive trait though. I will admit I like being the center of attention. (Why is that such a bad thing?) I balance it out with caring for my family. I also try to remember to ask how folks are feeling and to recall their personal stories that they've shared so I can ask them how that situation is. For me, that takes a bit of work to do. I feel good about myself when I remember to do that though.

I need to go start supper. Speaking of food, the biggest reason some weight has started to come off has been that I am keeping a food journal again. Damn I hate how well that works! This is the sort of truth that hurts in a good way! hahahaha


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