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Disorderly Conduct

A couple weeks ago it was "Eating Disorder Week", or so says The National Eating Disorders Association . Just think about it for a second or three. EATING disorders. We are a nation of 'disorder-ers' from A to Z. Why? Is it because we want to categorize things? Or label things? Or organize things into neat little boxes and packages of thought? Is it because we want an excuse for something not working? "I have an eating disorder so I am not responsible for being overweight." It is something like wanting that magic pill to 'fix' us. We want to take a pill and be thin. POOF! Like magic. We all know it doesn't really happen that way. Oh sure, we can take a pill for a while and lose some weight, but if we stop taking the pill, the weight comes back on. Or we suffer from side effects of a pill and get even sicker! There are no magic pills. I often say it is not as simple as calories in, calories out but it really IS just that. I know there are fl


That is the noise a spring makes when it springs....SPROING! Sorry...Silly Sally seems to be typing a bit, here today. I know I have not been writing much. I totally missed last week. We've had a minor upheaval here that took up all of my available brain cells. It is all good though! We went to an open house at a charter school in our area and liked what we saw. That was last Thursday. Monday was our son's last day at the public middle school he's been attending. Tuesday was his first day at the new school. Talk about changes! Our son handled this all very well...better than expected actually! It was more nervewracking for "The Mom" who worries too much. I still don't handle worry and stress very well. In the past I have started smoking sometimes, when under stress. I've wanted to spend days under the covers and not getting up to face the day. The wine in the cupboard gets used a bit more than it should. This last time it was the wine. That adds up to


Captain Obvious is a silly name we use in our family. When something puzzles one of us and the other two see the obvious answer, we will tease and say (in very dramatic voices) "Look!!! It's Captain Obvious!!!" It is sillier when you hear it in person. I don't like it when I miss something obvious. The first time it happened (when relating to food) was when I realized that just because a food is labeled "Natural" it really doesn't mean a dang thing. Now the wool has been pulled over my eyes again. We have Kroger stores in our area. I can tell the difference in taste between organic and non-organic chicken. Organic chicken is insanely expensive. (I am about ready to raise my own in the back yard!!!) Anyway, Kroger's new Simple Truth line sounded like a great deal! Finally a fast and easy way to tell non-organic from organic! Just look for that pretty lime green packaging and you can tell the organics right off the bat! Oh..... but no grassho