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That "inner mean girl"

Bullying is an often heard topic these days. It is a serious problem that can devistate younger people. It happens in older folks too, but we're supposed to know better and handle it better, since we are SO much more mature. Bologna What if I told you that there was this gal who was bullying me? She told me that because I talk about losing weight but don't always practice what I preach, that I was a fake. She said because I don't walk enough, I will just get fatter and fatter. She said because I like to drink wine every night, that I was an alcoholic. She said because I struggled with wanting to smoke cigarettes, that I was a weakling. She said that because I had a fat belly, that I looked like a fat old lady and was ugly! She said that because I gained some of the weight back that I had lost a few years ago, that I was a loser and would never be able to keep the weight off for very long. She called me a failure. Who was this awful person? WHY did I let her in

Well, that was fun!

So ya, it HAS been over a month since I last posted. Gosh, I feel like a new woman! Nothing has changed much, except for my attitude. So, ya, um, why DID my attitude change? Let me tell you. I went camping. Yup, I did. No, this isn't me. This is my Mom from about 1969. For a few years my Mom and Dad took my two younger sisters and me camping in the summers. I remember those times as some of the best times we had with our folks. This is a picture from inside our camper. That is Dex, on our bed, looking out the back window. This was his second camping trip with us. The first one was just for two nights. This last one was almost two weeks! We went from Arkansas, through Missouri, and into Iowa. We stopped at the Grotto of the Redemption. This is a little spot in a little town called West Bend. The stones and rocks were all put in place by a priest many years ago. I cannot capture how neat this place is. You don't even have to be religious to enjoy it. It had special mea