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Peeking Dinner

This was tonight's supper. There are green beans, a dollop of mashed potatoes, a cooked carrot, a slice of roast beef, and a salad with tomatoes and fat free dressing. In the past, the salad would not be there, nor the beans. The beef would have been two or three slices. There would be three times the potato with butter and maybe sour cream on it. The carrots would have been candied in brown sugar and butter. There would also be bread. Tonight there isn't even butter on any of this! I used Butter Buds and a little bit of bacon bits to jazz up the taste. I do not feel deprived. I DO feel lighter though. I peeked, a few days early, and have lost four pounds since last Saturday! I was shocked. I wonder if it will still be off when my official weigh-in happens this coming Saturday! For now though, I shall enjoy 264.


Even with all the snow and wet and cold, keeping us home and indoors...even with some crappy news that would have (in the past) been used as an excuse to quit...even with life tossing out a few curve balls at me...even with a few weeks of no weight loss and a pound gain at one, when I weighed in, I found I had lost weight! I am beyond shocked! I broke the 270 mark and was 268.4 today! This means a little over 22 pounds total, GONE. I SO needed this good news. It gives me the resolve to get back on the wagon and tighten up the ship a bit here! Yeah ME! :)

Snow Walkin'

If you are from Minnesota, like I used to be, a few inches of snow isn't much to get in a dither about. If you are from Arkansas, where I live now, it shuts the state down! Since I have been in a bit of a slump, I was determined to at least do my minimum 30 minutes of exercise. I spent twenty minutes, walking in the snow with Ziva . She didn't mind a bit! The snow started around eight this morning. By noon we had about five inches of the stuff! I don't think there will be school tomorrow! I plan to do ten or more minutes of exercise, inside the house, later today. I already feel better, just meeting my commitment!

I'm Glad THAT's Over!

We've had snow and cold here. The snow changed, on and off, to ice pellets. We had a house full of people that normally would not be here. I did not exercise yesterday. Not one little bit! Shame on me. Today was weigh-in day. I made it to the gym, late, but still was able to weigh in. The scale moved down! Yippee!!! I needed a boost. I went for an hour in the pool and now feel very refreshed and ready to get back on track. So far, in nine weeks, I have lost 20 pounds. I hope to really work hard this week and finally get that second number in my weight to move from a seven to a six! Stay tuned to see if I can do it!