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Trailer Tails

Here is my son, myself, and my husband when we picked up the new RV: We are trying to decide if we will cut down one tree to make a carport for the new rig. This is our backyard with the RV in it. The carport would be put behind where the RV is in this photo: We are such tree-huggers though, that we haven't been able to decide if we could really do this! The location is the only location we can use too. We will have to give it all more thought. For now the rig is in the shop. We are having it thoroughly gone through and having a repair made. See the middle there? That is rotten wood from having been water damaged. We knew it was there when we bought it. We hope the repair will be done well and to our satisfaction. We are skeptical about it though. This is located in the overhead bed area, above the driver's side. It is a common place for Class C's to leak. I think I have found a leak in this general area in about 99% of the used RV's I've looked at! L