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Lucky penny and gooses!

Camping season is upon us and we often have the most unusual 'finds'. You might think this penny is ancient but it is either from the 1990's or 1980's. I started crocheting socks again.  They are a great smaller project to take along when camping. I am making these for myself.  On the design wall in the studio we have several projects in the works.  I'm making blue blocks for a blue themed quilt. The black and tan blocks in the lower left are for our guild's 2022 Mystery Quilt Challenge. For May 1st I did a May basket on my embroidery project. While camping, this little fella decided to hitchhike with me: I've never seen such a small tick. I made these flowers after seeing a photo of them on my friend Jaye's blog: Leaf by leaf I keep adding bits and pieces to my project: A quilt top has been completed for our guild's community service quilts. This is made from what is called our "Orphan Block Challenge." Everyone turns in fabric or blocks

All kinds of stitches!

I have several crochet projects going on right now.  This will become a cardigan. (I hope) I'm still stitching along with the embroidery project.  I made a snail in the garden. This is one of the Orphan Block Challenge quilts in progress. I've done some of the work but guild members also volunteer to help. I am auditioning the next border color on my design wall here:   I was poking around on one of the market place sites the other day and snagged this electric yarn winder for a super good price! It even came with two HUGE totes full of more yarn. Like fabric for quilters, us 'hookers' can't really have too much yarn, can we? We went camping and really enjoyed our family time together.  One of the dogs' tails seemed to help us play cards! hahahaha These were guild challenge blocks at our last meeting. There are two types here. I'm just sharing so I can prove I still do some quilting stuff.                                             This yarn is so pretty.