Sunday, March 26, 2017


Inserting expletives here.......@$^678(^%^&@!522@!$^*!!!!!!
I have totally fallen to a new low. Dagnabit! After being sick for a week, followed by my two oldest sons' visit from out of town, I gained enough weight to be a hair over 230 pounds. DAMMIT!!! And don't go telling me I have an excuse for the gain. I really do NOT. I've been skating on the edge for a while now and have been in denial about my eating and exercising.

Am I a fake for teaching a healthy living and weight loss class? Heck no! I am demonstrating that everyone has their ups and downs. I am showing I am not Super Woman and am human. And I will be showing that you really DO have to keep a food journal (in most cases) and pay attention to your exercise habits to lose weight or to maintain lost weight.

And after a week of journaling, I was down a bit over a pound. 228.2. Now, if only I could get my mojo back and walk more!

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