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It Only Hurts if I (don't) Smile

I thought we could all use a little humor today. The heat is really becoming a challenge for me. I am not getting my walks in like I want to and I think I am suffering withdrawal symptoms! I miss my trail! However, I don't think I can enjoy the trail when it is a stifling 80° out at 6:30 in the morning with no breeze! I know the scale will show a gain today, so I am going to wear my blue jeans and eat breakfast before I go to help justify the gain. Yes, I know, this makes no sense in the whole scheme of things! I am doing ok. Despite being a bit stressed out about the weight and weather, I am doing ok. (no smokes yet either, though I have come really close to them!) Till next time y'all, see ya on the flip(flop) side!

How Much Does it Cost to Ride the Roller Coaster?

Fifty cents? Two-fiddy? How much does it cost to NOT have to ride the roller coaster? I have no clue. I would like to know though. So last Saturday I had lost a few pounds. I thought to myself, "Self...could it be true that you are losing weight again?" Self was afraid to answer because of what the gremlin in my head was saying..."Don't get your hopes up, it will all come back next week." didn't even take a week. Up three pounds today, since Saturday. I am actually surprised that I am not more depressed about this. Oh, and I have been thinking I should pick up a cigarette too. Have I? No, of course not! (but I have thought about it) I think I am safe from the evils of smokes though. I am a stronger person. Every time I feel weak, I recall how far I have come. Every time I feel down, I think how much I actually love being able to get out and walk the trails. ANY time I think negative thoughts, I still keep on track, keep living my life as th

Sort of a Ranting and Raving Moment or Three

I was listening to a podcast/video today that is based on bariatric stomach stapling and other related weight loss surgeries. These podcasts are sponsored by a line of protein powders, vitamins, and supplements for those who've had these surgeries. I was aghast at first. This stuff is expensive! I was then mildly angry. You want to know more about a surgery and they are touting their supplements? Now I am just disgusted. Commercialism...bah, humbug! I have had bariatric surgery. It was 30 years ago. I guess I was one of the lucky ones in that I have had no major issues as I've lived my life with it. I never had to take special protein supplements. I have not had to take B-12 injections on a regular basis...I did while pregnant, but I probably didn't have to. The only metabolic thing I know of is that I do run a bit on the anemic side and that might be due to my altered innards. I sometimes, though rarely now, have had a few

The Three R's

Now I am not talking about readin ', writin ', and arithmetic , here. (I wonder why the three R's only have one word that starts with the letter R?) I am also not talking like a pirate today. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! What I AM talking about is: Revelation Rebellion/Revolution Resolution (YES, I know there are technically FOUR words there but I couldn't make up my mind which three I wanted to use for with it!) At the beginning of Yoga class today, those words came to mind. I have been through all of them to get where I am today. REVELATION: It was quite a revelation that I COULD lose weight, and over 100 pounds at that! I never believed I could do it without some drastic gimmick doing all the work for me, and a magic wand being waved, and a voodoo doctor doing the Witch Doctor dance on my head! It was quite a revelation that eating sensibly and exercising modestly could make such a huge change in my life, my body, and my mind! REBELLION: I keep d


I am so tired of all this stuff! The scale doesn't move in the right direction. I hate not being able to resist those cookies I stupidly made because I couldn't bear to throw out those year old butterscotch chips in the freezer. I am such a fake because I never hardly ever sit at the table to eat my meals. I eat with the computer or TV as company. I wanna be FAT!!! No, no, no, not that type of fat!!! FAT: Like this! You know...F.A.T.! F=FIT A=AND T=TRIM What were YOU thinking? That I had lost my marbles? (or diamonds?) See you next time! Now, GO FOR A WALK!!!

Quiet Please

I feel like I have been a bit too quiet. I recall (I think from Russ and Jeff of Fat 2 Fit fame) once hearing them say that a blog they were following had a guy who was quite successful at losing weight. Then he stopped posting. Sure enough, they found out that he had started gaining weight again and was no longer living a healthy lifestyle. He was too ashamed to continue. I have felt the same way. I admit, it is much harder to write when one isn't as successful as one has been in the past. Who wants to hear about failures? Or whining? And isn't it boring if there aren't any changes happening? If it is boring to read of such things, then prepare yourself to be bored (or just skip reading this blog right now). In no particular order, here is what has been going on: Summer break has been going on for two weeks now. I am still not in a regular groove of exercises. My 11 year old son and I have gone to Yoga together. (He tolerated it) We also tried Zumba . (We both hated