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Adding a little more to my blog

As a part of living a healthier life, and growing older more gracefully, I have decided to try my hand at learning how to camp with an RV. We owned an RV for almost ten years before we had to sell it as we could not get out to camp or go to events like we used to. It was sitting in the backyard like a huge monolithic yard art piece! 1995 Jamboree Searcher Our old RV had served us well. We even lived in it for six weeks when we relocated from California to Arkansas during the recession. My husband, myself, our (then) seven year old son, a German Shepherd, two rat terriers, and three cats lived in a 24' Class C RV at a local KOA campground. It is amazing that we all survived! That RV was truly our home for a while. Fast forward four and a half years and we are recovering pretty well from the recession. We miss our RV and thought perhaps we could find another one! We looked for well over a year for another RV though. Many were water damaged. Some just had a horrible layout for


Just another quickie for you all. I am doing alright. Actually today I am doing better. I am still doing strength training, two days a week. Abby has decided to join me: I have been exhausted lately. I am in great spirits though! There is a lot going on in my life and I find it hard to find time to breath. Guess that means I am getting my cardio, right? Anyway, I think Abby and I will be back in full swing soon. I really do! Till then, walk-on y'all!