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Ring in the New Year with Goal Setting!

Ya, I know, goal setting is boring and often you don't really believe you can set a goal and achieve it. I am here to tell you, I used to feel the same way! Once I learned HOW to set a goal, though, I become more proficient at it. The way to succeed at goal setting is to make realistic goals. Sounds simple, right? Let's explore some ways to do this. First off, let's use the common goal of losing weight. Get a piece of paper. (Don't do this in your head.) Write down one goal you want to achieve at the top of the paper. For example: "I want to lose weight" Now break this goal down into smaller goals: I want to lose weight I want to lose (how many) pounds I want to lose these pounds by a specific date I will lose weight by:      Eating more vegetables (how much more?)      Eating less fast foods (how much less?)      Eating fewer calories (how many fewer?)      Eating healthy foods (what IS a healthy food?)      Eating less su