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October Trail Tails or Tales?

A few days ago we ventured out to my favorite trail. We wanted to see if they've mowed down the weeds. The trail is growing narrower and narrower! It was still overgrown though. As Ziva and I walked along we saw an orange kitty. Well I saw it. Ziva was tracking it with her nose! She never looked up and actually saw the cat! hahahaha  We also saw a huge jack rabbit with ears as long as its body. Finally, in a flash of white, we saw the tails of two grown deer as they bounded off the trail. TOO COOL!!! I am not fast enough to get photos of such things. I did manage to take a photo of Ziva and my shadow though. Gads it felt good to be back out there! Today's weather was also perfect. I was working on a tricky project in the sewing studio and around 2pm I needed a break. We took off for a walk. The first thing we came upon were these pretty purple-y flowers: I am not sure what they are. The bees were really enjoying them though! I was listening to my podcasts as we wal

What has Abby been up to?

Abby has been busy. Late in September you could find her busy in her sewing room, repairing and making new costume pieces! She likes going to renaissance faires! Do you know what they are? Imagine you have gone back in time to when Queen Elizabeth the 1st was queen. The time would be around the 1600's through the 1700's. (give or take a hundred or so years) Abby, her husband, and her young son all dress in costumes that could have been found way back then. They all play music! Abby plays a penny whistle, which is similar to a flute. Her son and husband both play many different instruments with strings. When they play music, Abby sets her basket down in front, just in case someone wants to tip them. They have a lot of fun! Abby has also been struggling, as you all know by now. She can't figure out why her weight is not moving in a more favorable direction. She's been trying to walk more. She's been keeping a food journal, although she really hates

Grumpy Mornings

I am grumpy this morning. I've been journaling my food and walking more and my weight was up yesterday. I know I shouldn't let this bother me so much, but it does. I really struggle to find the balance between a weight I'd be happy with and the work I have to do to maintain that weight. I used to dream of being 150 pounds. That was about three years ago. Then when I stopped losing around 185 pounds, I thought that 175 would be more realistic. Then my weight went over 200 again, so now I am saying I'd be really happy to just be in one-derland. Since I am grumpy I will share one pet peeve. I am so tired of skinny women saying they need to lose 10 more pounds. If you look good, have a good body fat percentage, can't you be happy there? I know, we ALL have trouble accepting how we look is really not the pounds on the scale. Does ANYONE out there, actually LIKE how they look? So what did I do on this grumpy morning? Did I sit at home and eat a bunch of bread? Nope.