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I have seen it so many times. People who have a wonderful blog or podcast or group, share their successes on weight loss. It is impressive. It is motivational. It gives one hope that they too, can succeed! Then the person disappears. On average, it seems like these people last about two years before vanishing. It is often weight creep that seems to do them in. It doesn't matter how they've lost weight. It doesn't matter if they've done a program or changed lifestyles. After about the second year into maintenance, they start giving up. I believe I am suffering a similar issue right now. My weight is creeping up. I, however, refuse to accept that I might gain all my weight back! Not this time! I worked too hard to get where I am at today. What's a girl to do then? Well, goal setting is a start. I have set a goal of walking ten minutes a day for 365 days in a row. I am not sure I can do it, but I am going to see how close I can get! I also have a goal to be smoke fr

Happy New Year!

Abby and I are stepping in to the new year with hope, anticipation, dread, determination, and more confidence! We are also smoke free right now. We are also going to do ten minutes of walking today. Will we make it for 365 days in a row? Only time will tell! Happy and healthy New Year wishes to everyone! Walk-On!