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Endings and Beginnings

I managed to keep up with my Stitch-a-day challenge for the month of January,  stitching a minimum of one leaf a day onto the tree. I added hearts to my wheel of life to celebrate the beginning of February. I have a pocket calendar where I write down what things I work on each day. The whole piece is rather large and I am not sure how the bottom will tie into the top part, but I am having fun just winging it. It's going to be a whimsical piece I think. I am still enjoying working on it every day. Here's one closeup shot: We had a sleet storm last week. I know this looks like snow but it was actually several inches of sleet.  It kept us housebound for three days. I did not mind this at all! These are our dogs' footprints in the frozen ice, from during the storm.  The sleet actually became a lot deeper and then froze solid. Being iced in made it easy to make this very last stitch on a blanket: The pattern is called "Christmas in July" by Bebeblanket.  How fitting th