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I don't feel a 'little bit nutty'...I feel I am full blown walnuts!

I wish I knew what weight is right for me. I've never been there. I might be there now. I might not be there now. It is not easy to figure out. I was reading a guest post on Crabby's blog last week. Shadowduck had a wonderful posting titled: The Long Slow Climb . It was a very good posting. I left a comment, as did many others, and my blog posting today is pulled from my comment. "I am still here in plateau-land  and have pretty much been living here for a year now. Recently I even gained a few pounds. How depressing. I've been trying to keep a stiff upper lip about it all, but it isn't easy.  I like the analogy of the "Me" from two years ago talking to the "Me" now...or seeing the "Me" now and admiring how far I've come! So what if it is only 99 pounds right now and at one time was 105 pounds lost? This is still a great achievement! I will keep telling myself this. I can't give up now and go back to what I was! I just

Party On Dudes and Dudettes....

Life can be a bitch or a party.... I weighed in at 192 pounds this week. So now I have to say I've  only  lost 99 pounds and I've been kicked out of One-derland...but no, I AM still  IN  One-derland, I just can't say I've lost 100 pounds right now. OR I can say I lost 100 pounds and gained back one, so now I have  only  lost 99 pounds. How neurotic we foodies/fatties/health-nutters/crazy/sane/normal people we can be. ...but I have stopped smoking, for over a week now. ...and I am tired of calorie counting and don't really think that is the problem anyway. I know one thing I haven't been doing...walking. So I am adding more walking back into my life. ...and then there is the Taekwondo that wasn't working for me. The class times are bad for my life. In the end, the cost will be too much to continue on, so I have decided to discontinue that. Am I suffering with depression? Am I overly stressed in my life? I don't think so. I am not thri

To market, to market, jiggety jig...

Saturday Morning: I just finished a most delicious breakfast. We had eggs and sausages from the farmers' market, orange Cutie segments, homemade biscuits, and homemade hash browns with chopped onions. YUM. As I sip the last of the morning coffee, I thought to my self that I should post on my blog more. Why don't I? Well, mostly I don't because I only have snippets of thoughts that don't seem to be enough to make a whole posting. Sometimes it is because I wrestle with the tedious chore of using my own photos vs the easier way of  stealing borrowing photos from Google Images. I worry about copyright infringement. I don't like to do it. But I also do not like using my own photos because it takes so damn long to edit them (to MY exactness) and then to upload them. The photos on this posting took about an hour to prepare for the blog. I don't know if it is because I am so slow, or what. Anyway... The farmers' market is finally open for the season. (I know

I am...crazy

As promised, your fearless leader:

Donut Rolling

I DID make it to my first martial arts class ... and survived.... and didn't hurt myself or others around me! I have about seven more free classes to go. I needed to do something to motivate me to get back on track with my exercising. I get bored so easily! My goal is to try the martial arts, for the free one month trial. Then spend the money for a membership there, or at a local gym. Somehow I am going to find the money for a trainer for at least a few sessions if I go back to the gym. I wish I could afford one all the time! Things never did work out with the trainer I was trying to meet up with a few weeks back and I have given up on him. :( I hope to get a photo of me in my martial arts uniform. If I do, you'd better not laugh at me. I felt SO out of my element Tuesday! My first class included four boys...teens or tweens maybe, one 20-ish year old girl, and the two instructors, one male and one female. I got lots of special treatment...I am sure it wasn't because I