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Let's Go Diamond Hunting

It's come to my attention that some people do not know what the heck I am talking about, regarding Abby losing her diamonds. I worry that I have told the story so many times that folks will be bored, hearing about it again! Just in case though, here is the story again: We have a state park in Arkansas that you can go to and hunt for real diamonds. There have been some huge ones found as well as lots of smaller ones. I like to use the analogy of going to that state park for a vacation. You go out every day and hunt for diamonds. Each little gem you find, you put into your bucket. You hope for those big diamonds too. On the last day of vacation you go out and don't find any diamonds at all. In anger, you toss the ones you had gotten before. You are so disgusted that you couldn't get that last big find on your last day of vacation. To heck with it all!!! Now that is just silly, right? Wouldn't you keep all the diamonds you found?  Of course you would and you'd be


Good day to all. Abby has returned for a quick visit. She is still hurting over the loss of her dog, Ziva, but she is still here. Abby has been struggling as much as I have. We both don't believe in ourselves these days. We're working on that. We saw a trainer Wednesday. It was SO hard to do! I did NOT want to go and exercise that day. It did not help that the night before was St. Patrick's Day. The trainer is an ok fella, but Abby and I are both fighting the commitment to get back into strength training. The trainer, I will call Mike, did alright with me. I still am not feeling the love of working with him, but he is ok. He is fighting against MY perfectionism issues. I don't like it when he says how HE got all this weight off all these clients. I am sure he doesn't realize that he comes across as not giving his clients any credit. I have scheduled two more sessions for next week. Today I am SORE! If you don't know why I used the picture below, you do

New Roads Ahead

I have a lot of homework to do. Next week I will make an appointment with the Social Security office to find out what my options are. I have a complicated life situation and don't know how much money to expect when I can actually start getting Social Security. It could make a huge difference in our outlook for the future. Since I am a chronic worrier, this might alleviate some of my concerns. I have begun hunting for my RV. We want a Class C that we can travel in and live in for extended periods of time. Since we sold our last one, we've regretted it. Shopping for a new one has been hard. There are not many around and those that are, are in sad shape, even newer ones! We won't settle for just any old rig. Thank goodness we had a lot of experiences with living and traveling in our old RV though. We really know what we want. Maybe that is why this will take a long time. I have begun hunting for the toad too. What is a toad? Well actually it is a slang term for a vehicle

Checking, Chicken, Chucking,

I'm a rabbit not a chicken Checking: Yes, I am still here! I've been pondering a lot. I've also been snowed in a lot. I hear I am in fine company there! This week, we are finally getting back to, what passes for, normal here. I DID see a trainer and joined the community center. I did it! I have an appointment, next week, to workout for the first time with this new-to-me trainer. I am dubious, but I AM going to give this a try. Chicken: I am chickening out. Well, that isn't really true. I am questioning everything and I am having trouble believing in myself. I doubt I can get back on a better track. I fear I am going to gain all the weight back. I haven't been able to get a handle on any of this. But...I am NOT giving up. Chucking: I have been fervently working on sorting and purging the house. I have my studio 99% done. I have sold or donated a huge amount of stuff. It feels so freeing. Since the first of the year we've painted and carpeted two rooms. Bo