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Bad Habits

It seems like this once-a-month thing (blog posting) is becoming a habit. But if it is only once a month, is that really a habit? I don't know. For now, I will just keep trying to post at least once a month, so you know I am still alive and kicking. Is that alright with you? It is hard to write because I keep thinking you only want to hear about successes and not failures. Of course I don't actually HAVE failures....more like setbacks. This current setback has been going on for several years though. My how time flies!!! It is hard to remember that I HAVE kept OFF about 65 pounds for the past two years or so. I can't seem to give myself credit for that. This past summer sure has been busy for me. It hasn't shown signs of slowing down just yet. We've taken the RV out twice now. The first time was back in July. We visited friends. Thank goodness they had outside electric outlets, because our generator wouldn't run! That meant we would not have air conditionin