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Taking Charge, Taking Control

Often our lives can spiral out of control and before we know it, we have backslid into something we don't like, or are doing something that is not good for us. When this happens we need to become aware of it. Then we need to change the problem and take control. It is better for us to dictate where we are headed rather than outside influences dictating and pushing us where we shouldn't be. This has all happened to me recently. I've been on a slow spiral that has slid down to where I don't want to be. I am dangerously close to gaining too much weight back and letting that dictate how my life is going. I tried to deny there was a problem. I didn't want to say anything because I always think I have to be so perfect in order for people to believe in me and therefore believe in themselves that they (and I) CAN make this new lifestyle work! That is the key word, isn't it? Work. It really is not laborious work, but since we learned that the way we used to live does

Oh no, she's going batty!

MY time of year is around the corner! I feel so jazzed! We have had a week of a fall weather teaser. The humidity is low, the temps are lower than the air conditioner setting and gasp...I have been able to open the windows! OH what joy and rapture that is! I love fall. October is my birth month. The air is crisper. The kid is back in school. I am free to do things on my time line. I am pumped. I am also a little batty. I changed my tracker at the beginning of my blog page to show some bats. I'd like to see if I can loose 25 pounds. I am not sure I can, but I am ready to make some changes to see what might happen. This is not an unreasonable goal. I just don't know for sure if I will do it. Stay tuned to find out! The good news, to me anyway, is that I have the food part of the equation down. I have not been calorie counting for several months. My weight is staying pretty much the same. I have really slacked off on my exercise though. That is about to change. (insert eer

It feels like summer is more than half overwith!

I recently did a body fat test, using one of those gizmos that runs a current through your body. It doesn't hurt by the way. Now if you have a pacemaker, it could hurt you, so use with caution, if you do use such a tool. It showed I had a little over 38% body fat. I should be about 5% lower for my age. According to the manual that came with it, I should weigh about 165 pounds. This new information gave me pause to consider setting that as a goal-weight to achieve. I would have 24-25 pounds to lose. Do I want to really put in the changes to achieve this? I honestly am not sure yet. I saw this on FaceBook the other day and thought it worth sharing: Clever!!! Some of you know that I struggle with self perception. I found this photo of five women who all weigh 150 pounds: I feel like I look like the second woman from the left. Today I am not so concerned with what I look like I weigh. I know, to most others, that I am at least a little overweight but not grossly so