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The weather has been as good here has it has been as bad in the Northeast this week. It finally got to me and I went for my first walk since Ziva left. I won't lie, it hurt. However, it also felt good to get out in the sunshine. I am still amazed at how safe she made me feel, when walking with her. I randomly look at web sites like PetFinder to imagine another dog in my life. Then I just think that it is too soon and that I should wait until my two little dogs are gone. Ack...I don't know which way I will go. But at least I DID go for a walk. A few days ago I received a card from a blog reader  that I happen to know in real life:  She knows I go to yoga classes a lot. She noted that I had met my goal of no smoking for all of 2014 and wanted to send kudos to me for having done so. What a sweet thing to do! It actually helped me to not try one cigarette, just to see if I still hated the stench. So I remain smoke-free. Thank you Brenda! You're a peach! I am focusing

Waltzing Matilda

Around January 12th, I blew all my goals/resolutions out of the water! I did it in style. I did it. I did not do the real goal setting work that needs to be done to insure successful goal achievement! Bad me. Bad, bad, bad! What have I done? Well, I have cut WAY back on the wine, quite successfully, I might add. I am actually very proud of myself on that front. I also DID inquire about a trainer. I can't swing $25 an hour though, so that isn't going to work. And I have purposely stayed more active, but I have not been timing it to be sure I am doing at least ten minutes at a time.  I changed my eating habits, going back to something that is more comfortable for me, to deal with, yet is quite effective. It works as a lifestyle change, not a diet, but I am not ready to share it with you yet. This is me, figuring out what my personal maintenance plan will be. I am enthusiastic about the results so far, and about this being what my new lifestyle will evolve to. I am hopin

Set Goals, Not Resolutions

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I set goals. The more specific you make your goals, the better your chances are to achieve them. Last year I had two goals. One was to walk a minimum of ten minutes per day. The other was to not smoke any cigarettes. I achieved both! This year I am going to set three goals: *The first goal is to do a minimum of ten minutes of any type of exercise or extra activity, per day. I don't want to be restricted to just walking. *The second goal is to see if I can find a strength trainer that I can afford. I will do this by first contacting a gym that I know I can afford and see if there are any trainers that are available near the times I am looking for. *The third goal will be the hardest. I will not buy wine this year. I am not saying I won't drink wine, but I will not personally buy any. This will help me to cut down a LOT. I am abusing it and if I don't get a handle on it, it will mess up how my meds work. It could also lead to