Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Walking and weighting

Camping season has begun again after a way too hot summer here. It's also a huge reason for my new efforts to lose some weight. I wasn't able to hike with my family without pain.  I had had knee surgery on one of my knees a few years back, but I still had a lot of pain when walking for more than a little bit.

I dug out my old FitBit One and checked to see how many steps I was doing per day. I was averaging 1000. You read that right, 1000, not 10,000. 

So, around the first part of February I made up my mind to try to walk more. I set a goal of 3000 steps per day. Sometimes I made that goal and sometimes I didn't. It wasn't too long before I was doing those steps every day. Then it wasn't unusual for me to make over 3500 steps per day so I changed my goal to that. 

Summer began. What now? Walking outside is a lot easier than inside but it was hot and humid outside. I was determined though, that I would keep walking, even if I had to pace back and forth in the house. And that is what I did. 

In July my oldest son visited us and he is in great shape. He exercises a LOT and is so skinny and strong! He had kept track of the days he did pull-ups and it had been well over a year. His comments and our discussions on fitness really resonated with me. It's now been over 150 days straight that I've gotten 3500 or more steps per day. If the weather allows, I do it outside. If not, I pace in the house.

I have lost 20-30 pounds since last year. I've only kept track of the last 20 or so. I am not dieting. I do keep a journal my food. For now, I am willing to do just these two things. For now, it is good enough that I can go on hikes with the family, AND I enjoy them!!!


(Note: Chrissa is my daughter. She had surgery and is now doing fine.)

Till next time, happy trails to you! 

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