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Where do we go from here?

If you could visit with anyone from the past, who would it be? Would you want to visit with a famous person? Or a family member? Once you were done visiting, what then? Do they just go poof, back in to the other world ? I have been wondering about " what then " as it pertains to me. I lost a bunch of weight, what happened then?  I'm gaining some back. Why? Because I am not eating as good as I was and not exercising as hard as I used to. Why? Because I've gotten lazy and distracted. What is distracting you? Well, every week my brain and I jump around various thoughts and in no particular order, some of these are: I need to remember to do my ten minute walk every day I plan meals for myself and my family as well as making those meals. (one drawback of healthier eating is taking time to prepare more of your meals from scratch) I have yoga class twice a week and currently am also teaching one of those classes….this involves time prepping for class by watchi

Would you still love me if...?

I am musing about something tonight and wondered if I wasn't all about weight loss, would I still have followers? What if I went on an adventure? I mean a real honest to goodness adventure? Would you still read my blog? Perhaps you would read it more! hmmmmmmmmmm Walk-on dear readers…I'll keep you posted