Friday, October 07, 2016

Food and drug and dog

Last week I went to see my GP for my annual wellness checkup. I was very nervous about this one. I was honest with my doc about my wine consumption and wanted to talk about how bad things have to be before one should seek out a pill to maybe make it better?
Although I do function without meds, I don't function very well. Doc was very understanding and assured me that I had classic symptoms of depression and anxiety and that there might be a drug that would make my life a bit nicer.
As I write this today, I am almost three weeks into my trial run. I am on the lowest dose. I first noticed being a bit more tired than usual. I still didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings. I was exhausted in the afternoons.
He said it would take ten days before I'd notice any changes. After almost two weeks I feel calmer. I am not as tired as I was. I can get out of bed and some days I am actually looking forward to the day. Then, one night, I didn't want to have the wine I had always been having. I hope this is all due to the drugs and not a placebo effect. It takes close to a month before the full affects of the drugs kick in. I am hopeful for a better quality of life.

I want to chat a bit about food. Here is a recent breakfast I had:
Ezekiel toast, two poached eggs, turkey bacon, black coffee

I recently found an egg poacher at the thrift store. Oh my, it has been a game changer for me! I can make poached eggs faster than fried and of course they are better for me than fried. The turkey bacon was meh. I think I will stick with real bacon, Canadian bacon, or turkey breakfast sausage.

I have been wanting to eat Chinese food lately and tried to find something I could make up quickly that would take care of my cravings. This one looked really good!
Funny how the photo on the box and what you actually get, don't quite look the same.

So I next decided to try takeout at a drive through Chinese place:

Wholly cow! There was enough food here for FOUR people!!! You might know that one thing Chinese food is NOT good for, is as leftover food. It didn't taste very good either. WAY too greasy. I didn't eat much of this and shared most of it with the family. (They eat anything that isn't green) I might have to give up on Chinese food, or maybe learn how to cook what I want. I've tried though, and I am not a bad cook, but Chinese foods have not been very easy for me.

Guess where Dex and I went last Friday? 
Yup, the trail! I hadn't been out since this past spring. I overdid it and went the full route. My knee screamed at me for that one. We enjoyed it though and were delighted when we found the city had been out and mowed the weeds down. No wood ticks this time either. I hope to get out there again this fall, as the weather cools.

Speaking of Dex, there he is, on the trail. He must have some hunting dog in him because he was ALL over that trail, sniffing out this and that. I don't think he will turn down a walk with me, EVER! hahahaha

Finally, I will share this photo of Dexter:
He looks so regal. Looks are deceiving though. He's a little stinker! And I love him to pieces.

That's it for today. Hope you are all doing well out there. Till next time, walk on!

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