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Day Seven - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

Exercise: Nice walk and then leaf raking. I am grateful that my husband did the lion's share of the yard work today. We have nine mature oak trees and the leaves were thick! He was out there for HOURS!!! I am also grateful that my son did his science fair experiment today. Finally, I am grateful for the fantastic weather (well the wind was a bit much for leaf work!!!) and the leftover turkey hash we are having for supper made for an easy cooking day for me and it will be yummy! From a week ago, I went out to the trail and they put rocks across the opening to the street to keep vehicles out. I wondered if they moved the two downed trees too. They HAD!!! We walked all the way to the other end with no more trees blocking the path. At the other end they also put rocks up to keep vehicles out. It was wonderful to have the trail back! Even Ziva approved. She liked the rocks and even got up onto one of them. Such a proud puppy! To fulfill the Happy Thanks-I-Can-Move-G

Day Six - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

24 hours ago our first company arrived for Thanksgiving. We had great foods and wonderful conversations. We played several games of Farkle, a dice game. The day did not start well though. Ziva bit one of our smaller dogs, Tipsy, and drew blood. This morning I took him to the vet and he should be alright. We have antibiotics and pain meds for him. Poor little guy. :( Exercise: A soul cleansing walk, even though I am dead tired today! I am grateful for my youngest son today, as he turns 14! Happy Birthday kiddo! Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. It has been a fun distraction as well as a fun challenge. Thank you Roni, for organizing this all! #TGChallenge

Day Five - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

What a day! I am copping to having my exercise be all the walking I did today, in house. From the time I finished my second cup of coffee till after the last of the guests left, I only sat long enough to eat! lol I am grateful for the company because it recalled years gone by of when my Mom did the Thanksgiving Feast. I have tears from the memories. They are good tears though. :) Will walk-on a bit extra in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Day Four - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

Exercise: Yoga and a walk. Grateful: I am grateful for all the students that showed up at the yoga class I taught this morning. They loved the special practice we had and told me so. It is nice to get positive feedback. I am grateful for the students in my healthy living class who showed up. The three of us had a great time and talked about how we were going to celebrate the holidays. I am grateful for the two strong young men who helped me by bringing boxes down from the attic and ran to the store for more pie crusts and vacuumed and so much more. It made a huge to-do list a huge done-it list. Walk-on and Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Day Three - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

Exercise: 30 minute walk outside. Grateful for: this gorgeous day! The sun is shining, it is a bit cool, the sky is blue, and the walk was invigorating! I am also grateful that I have all the Thanksgiving feast ingredients in the house so I can start baking and making stuff tomorrow!

Day Two - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

Exercise was Yoga today. My grateful posting was: Day 2: I am grateful for a bright sunny day, a great yoga practice this morning, and that my little dog wasn't badly hurt by my stupid big dog this morning. #TGChallenge.

Day One - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

I did my 30 minutes of 'on purpose' exercise today. I started with a short walk and added exercises that I plan on developing as the new year comes in. It involves squats, sit-ups on the ball, side steps with stretchy band, leg lifts on the ball, arm curls and more. When it is only 20-30 minutes, it really is easy to add such easy exercises! My grateful posting on FaceBook this morni ng was:  Day 1: I am grateful that I have a nice warm house on a rainy day, with family around, and time to work in my studio without guilt! ‪#‎ TGChallenge‬ I am working on several bags to donate to charity later this week. I love this challenge! See you tomorrow! Walk-on and Happy Thanksgiving week!

Come Quick!!! It is a one week challenge!

Roni from Roni's Weigh blog has issued a fun challenge: I am  doing this. How about you? You can check out Roni's blog clicking on the above poster. Walk-On everyone and Happy Thanksgiving holidays!

Same Thing, Different Time

This will be a quick post as I either do a little one or do none at all! I have also shamed myself into posting since some bloggers, that I respect a lot, are also having troubles being consistent or feeling the content is inadequate. You know what? It really should be ok. I mean for the other bloggers. Not so much for me. I have a few followers and I DO feel I owe them a posting more often than what I've done. But I do feel repetitive and like I owe more magic pills of wisdom to help others lose weight too. Then I feel like a hypocrite because I gained some weight back. Why can't I give myself credit for having lost SEVENTY pounds and having kept it off for over two years? Not only have I lost the weight, AND in spite of having gained some back, overall, I am down TEN FREAKIN' INCHES off my waist! That counts for something, yes it does. Tonight I am trying to give myself credit for what I HAVE done.  If I really want to re-lose those 25 pounds, I know I have to exercise