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She's baaaaaaaack, again!

 Abby was on vacation.  She will be back now and again, just checking in. (You should be able to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can read the writing if you want to) I also finished another crocheted throw: Backside: The Young Man is back to college after a nice week home during spring break. We even had the first fire and hot dog roast of the season on our new back deck! This is just a short sweet and simple post for today. I hope you enjoy! Till next time, happy crafting!

With a little bit of luck

  Ah March...the month that holds so much promise for spring-time. We start off with a little Irish luck to represent the month: My embroidery piece is coming along, slow but sure. Mother nature is not too keen on showing us her spring side though. We had several snow events.  The local playground's slide was barfing snow! Since I had to stay inside, I hemmed up a bunch of new kitchen towels. I also worked on these Disappearing Rail Fence blocks for quilt guild. These fabrics were pulled to begin a mystery quilt! I need a light, a medium, and a dark. I think I am going to go with the second set. Now THIS is the kind of whiteness I like seeing on the trees! These are my plum trees in all their blooming glory. I managed to make another "Scraptastic" quilt top. We celebrated pie day with this homemade chicken pot pie. Work continues on this crocheted blanket. And I have a finish to celebrate! This is a pattern called "The Old Wool Mill". It took me just shy of a ye

Not just April Showers...

Here in the south we often get ice storms in February.  This one did not have much impact here.  I think there were two days of school that were missed in total.  A few days later it melted away. It was fun, catching the drops falling from the roof with my camera. Then we had rain. I had a bunch of errands to run and it was raining cats and dogs and..... RAINDROPS!!! Lots and lots of big raindrops! hahaha Welcome to March in the south.  My icon for March was a shamrock. I've been making progress on the embroidery project.  It has been more fun than I ever expected!  Following are too many photos of my progress from day to day...   That's a quarter of an inch butterfly! If you want to see a larger picture I think you can click on any of these and they will open up in another tab where you can enlarge it to look at details, if you want. I made a thread organizer for my embroidery threads.  I started by sandwiching and quilting two fabrics together.  I bought some plastic rings an