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Cheap Cheap goes the Chicken

I have done this experiment twice now. I buy baked chicken from the deli when it gets marked down for a quick sale. I have twice bought two containers of baked chicken for $4.13 per box. The full price is $6.99 per container. Each box has two breasts, two thighs, two wings, and two legs. I will then de-bone them as well as take the skin off. I break them up into containers to freeze for homemade chicken soups or other dishes requiring cooked, chopped chicken. After I do this you can see these results on my counter: As I work to de-bone and de-skin the chicken, I usually nibble at the wings as they are too hard to strip the meat off of. I actually build this in to my lunch as part of the meal. So those three containers to the right are just meat and are mostly from four legs, four thighs, and four breasts. The pile on the left is the skin and bone. Those three containers cost me $8.26. I weighed them and did the math. I am paying about $3.30 per pound for that chicken. Rememb

Zippity Do Da!

Ahhhhhh, it feels soooooo good! Yes, after weeks of being way OFF track, I am finally back ON track! Zippity do da, zippity yay, my oh my, what a wonderful day! I was all over the place for a while. I didn't give up but I sure was worried for a while. Silly me. I think part of the problem that it took so long to recover from the holidays was our weather here. One day we are in the cold and the next we are in spring like weather. I must admit that walking in the sunshine today was invigorating! I even dropped a couple pounds. I am always curious to see if that trend stays on the downward slide or not. I would still like to get down another ten or so pounds. I went back to the pool for the first time in months. My skin was so dried out afterwards! I put lotion on it and I smelled like chlorine. Yuck! I had showered afterwards, but I guess my skin had absorbed more chlorine that I had expected. It has been fun to have new folks in our weight loss support group. I am always so

Reality Check

Ok, the holidays are over. The yoga classes are back in session. The last of the holiday treats have been consumed. The weight has gone up four pounds since just before Christmas. I have not been exercising very hard. More like hardly at all. I have kept up with my yoga twice a week and I have walked 3-6 miles per week for the past ...oh, week or so. I have also not done much of anything for a few days in the middle of the week. I used to make it a point to do something six to seven days a week. I've been enjoying a few too many sweet treats, wine, breads, cakes, candies, and the like. I know why the weight crept back up. My negative Nelly inner voice is saying, "Here we go, we are going to get fat again." My positive Polly inner voice is saying "No, this too shall pass and we will be back on track soon." Nelly: "You can't do this long term. You are a fake." Polly: "That's just silly! You've worked too hard...well not hard, b

Trail check

If you haven't heard, our area was hit by a pretty good winter storm on Christmas Day. Some folks were without power for over a week! Everywhere there are trees and limbs and broken branches that will need to be cleaned up. We had some damage here too, but the house wasn't hit. We went out today to see what damages there were to the Levy trail we like going on so much. Most of the trail survived and all of it could still be traversed. There were a few tricky parts though! Ziva let me lead the way so I could feel special. She is such a brave dog. (coughcough) New Yoga pose? There was evidence of folks having cut up some of the trees and branches that were blocking the trail. There was a section of trail that I think of as the 'party' section that you could have driven on as it was so clean. Funny how all the trees and limbs seem to fall sideways along that part of the trail so it was still passable! With changes coming to my exercise routine again, it was


What's that? It's been a new year for a week now? Really? Gee, time flies! I should have known time was flying since I have been working on getting this post done since New Year's Day. SO, we made it to another year! Time to celebrate! Time to get back on track if we've strayed off the healthy eating path or if we have not been doing our exercises as we should. (Don't look at me that way!) Of course I was PERFECT over the holidays. Why I exercised every single day! I didn't over indulge. Not me. I am perfect . Does that all sound right to you? Of course not. I am human! I DID have a perfect holiday as far as exercise and eating healthy. I enjoyed indulgences. I used a lot of shopping in place of actually going to classes for exercising. (Not to mention many of the classes were not going on due to the holidays) I know I gained weight over the holidays. I had way too many carbs, mostly in the form of Chex mix. I had too much alcohol, mostly in wine. I gained