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About Those Pizzas

I have come to the conclusion that the Kroger store brand Margherita pizza has the most bang for your buck....I mean the most food for your calories. I checked the sizes and calories of the other brands and none were even close. I even came across an ad for fat free pizzas that you could order online for delivery to your home! Wow, that sounds great, doesn't it? Here is th e product they are selling. Nice packaging. The price is a bit high and I am sorry I forgot to check to see if this includes shipping or not. 6 Fat Free Pizzas - $29.94. Only $4.99 each! You could also buy in bulk, order several hundred dollars worth of pizzas, and get a better per-pizza bargain. Now we get to the nitty gritty stuff. Here is their nutritional label: Wow! A WHOLE pizza for less than 300 calories!!!???!!! This is amazing!!! Ummm, did you read the fine print? It is a whole six ounce pizza. That is even smaller than the 11 ounce Kashi pizza that came in a box that is the same size as Red Bar

Real or Not Real?

That is the question! Whether it is nobler to have the real deal or to save fat and calories and eat chemicals, ah yes, that IS the question! (Hey! I never said I was a Shakespearean actor!!!) The consensus has been that we should always eat as close to real foods as we can. Butter has cream and salt in it. I am not going to go into all the chemicals in margarine. All of the "diet" products I have come across though, have a lot of chemicals in them to replace the great tastes of the real deal. I am on the fence about this debate. I rely heavily on my fat free cheeses, occ asional diet soda, and fat free yogurts. How can I stay on a low fat food plan if I don't? True lettuce is kinda pure, but the fat free dressing isn't! I wouldn't be able to eat anything that I could enjoy!!! Waa , waa , waa !!! Seriously though...I choose to do a low fat diet. I see it as my personal-right-for-ME plan of healthier eating. I was eating WAY too much fat before. Since my diet

Back in the Middle With You!

I was reading an article on Sparkpeople .com this morning, about a doctor who lost 140 pounds and has kept it off for about three years. She said as a 300 pound doctor, she wasn't taken seriously. As a healthier and fit doctor she "couldn't possibly know what it is like to be obese". I have thought of such things in a similar vein this past couple weeks, especially when at the local public swimming pool. I have reached the halfway mark on my weight loss journey. I am sure when people see me, that don't know me, they only see a fat woman. They don't realize I have lost close to 60 pounds already! I feel like walking up to everyone of them and saying, "I know you don't see it, but I have lost over fifty pounds!" Isn't that silly?

Oh You Silly Woman!!!

Have you seen a pattern in my blog? I have. Every once in a while, I have an off week...a week where I am doubting everything I am doing...a week where I am thinking I should just give up. How silly is that? Because I have had over 45 years of practice, I can now recognize this pattern of thinking for what it is: SABOTAGE!!! My inner child is trying to sabotage my outer adult! This is one time where spanking a child can be done without guilt! I have sent that child to her corner to pout and am back in my happier mood! YES, losing a couple pounds this week helped. I admit it! I am silly because I think I may have misread the scale on Wednesday!!! I wanted to treat myself for having lost that first 50 pounds. Instead of a food treat, I got myself some hot pink Crocs sandals! I love Crocs and have acquired several pairs this year. I have bright colors and am getting away from the dull black colors that used to be 99% of my wardrobe. I think color in your closet makes you happier! In

Pool Party!

Today has been a little bit better. Since my glum-day on Wednesday, I have puzzled and puzzled over why I was having a tough time. I came up with several itty bitty thoughts that added up to one big pity party! I KNOW this stuff happens. I also know I can get through it this time. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can....I WILL !!! In no particular order, things that triggered my glum-day were these: 1. I saw a TV show that said the fat guy in the pool aerobics class, wasn't going to lose any weight that way because it isn't a real workout. 2. I was bored at the local outdoor swimming pool as I have no one to pass the time with, so time seems to drag on and on and on there. 3. I realized I really do not like exercising in the afternoon and I want to exercise in the mornings. I want to get it out of my way so I don't have to obsess about it until I DO get it done. 4. I stepped on the scale during the middle of the week, not wearing the clothing that I normally we

Not A Good Day...

It has now been a full week since my son has been out of school. I KNEW what happened today would eventually happen, and since today was the day it happened, I am glum and am writing about it. I have made it to the outdoor pool every day I planned to, and exercised as planned. I have made it to the indoor pool over the weekend and exercised . I have been eating within my personal food plan. Today was the first day I tried using the gym at the senior center. As I suspected and dreaded, I couldn't really do anything. I got on the elliptical first. That hurt my knee and I gave up after five minutes. Next I went to the treadmill. I did a mile and a half in 30 minutes and feel like I have run a marathon! I had a suspicion that I wasn't getting enough out of the pool workouts and this has confirmed it. As I left the treadmill behind, I looked at the different exercise machines, knowing I still had 30 more minutes of exercise to do. I sadly walked on by. I was rubber legged and ti

I Ate Half a Pizza!

You should have seen the looks I got from that comment when I was at my weight support group on Saturday! I must preface this by saying I used to eat a whole pizza before I started changing things. These are not pizzeria pizzas. I am referring to the frozen ones you get in the grocery stores. I love pizza. I have been trying for months to create a pizza that not only tastes good to me, but that is within my comfort range of calories, fat, and volume. You can eat most any pizza if you limit yourself to one slice. I just haven't gotten to that point yet. I tried using pita bread, burrito wraps, and tomato basil wraps as the crusts for my concoctions. None of these were very satisfying. I tried finding a frozen pizza that worked and until I found the Krogers Thin Crust Margherita pizza, I had been unsuccessful. This pizza's serving size is 1/3 of a pizza! I added veggie toppings that I personally like and oh my, this was good! I figured out the calories in half of the pizza

She's Gone Batty

Why DO they call those underarm flaps, bat-wings ??? I think that is rather insulting to bats, don't you? Have you seen any of these shows: "Heavy" "The Biggest Loser" "Extreme Weight Loss" I've seen all three of these shows since I started working on my lifestyle changes. I have been very disappointed. I really wish they would share more helpful ideas, along with the sensational weight losses and contests. I guess that doesn't make for good television ratings though. Here are my notes on all three: THE BIGGEST LOSER : Didn't they have more of the 'how-to do tips' during the first few seasons? These days, I watch The Biggest Loser to get a tidbit of motivation here and there. What comes to mind from this most recent season was the talk Jillian had where she parroted back to Hanna (or Olivia?) what they used to say to themselves about not being deserving or good enough, etc. I also loved the challenge where they had to car