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Preach What You Practice!

I've found myself stepping into the limelight more and more as I share my story and my methods of weight loss and living a better, healthier life. I guess having lost almost 100 pounds gives me some credibility in their eyes. I wasn't really searching out this kind of attention, but I am enjoying it! I love, love, love, helping out anyone I can! I also love having this happen because it really helps keep my motivation up and running...along with my butt! hahaha With all this notoriety, comes a lot of responsibility. First off I have to keep on top of my choices to stay true to what I say. I am so glad I have documented my story! There are many out there that have succeeded like me. Many are out there helping others. I am in my little niche of my little world and am helping those around me. It motivates me and keeps me rejuvenated! I have to be sure of where I get my information from and I have to believe in what I say...that it is working and will keep working. I am not at t

Traveling Around With the New Me

I love the trail I found last fall near my house. After a rain I can see and hear this little creek that runs along a good part of the trail: This is in the middle of the city of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course my faithful partner, Ziva , enjoys our outings too! She protects me from the vicious deer we often see: Since I am firmly now entrenched in One- derland , my husband said I needed new photos for this blog. "Wait a minute, let me fix my hair first!" This is me, wearing my One- derland hat: The 'newest' me, at 195 pounds: I like the new me, a lot! I still see myself as obese though. I can hardly believe that woman I see in the mirror. Who the heck is she? That surly cannot be me? I liken this a little bit to anorexics . From what I understand, they look in the mirror and don't see their skeletal selves, but rather they see a very fat person. When I sit down, I see the bulge of my tummy and it looks the same to me as when I was at my heaviest.

Smile! It's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers! The sun is shining here and boy did I need to get some sunshine in my life today! Yes, even I have dark days that have nothing to do with the weather. I've been in a bit of a mood lately. I am not sure if it is a touch of the mid-winter blues or stress or what. I made it a point to work on my moodiness today though, and guess what? I feel better this afternoon! I got my Valentine gift a day early. My dear husband got me a box of chocolates! He IS listening to me though and got a little one with three pieces in it. I ate them all last night! I even had three more little Hershey chocolates AFTER 8PM!!! I've been good about not eating after 8pm but broke my streak last night. I felt a little guilty about it but...this morning was another day and I got up and went out for a very long walk in the sunshine. Then I went shopping. It was mostly window shopping but it was done on purpose to get me out of the house and on my feet. This afterno

Ending One Cycle and Starting a New One!

Now that I am more firmly entrenched in ONE-derland, I feel it is time to make a few changes here on my blog. Don't panic! I won't be leaving the topic of weight loss, exercise, lifestyle changes, and all that I've done this past year and three months, I will just be changing the posts a little, as I ease into my personal maintenance lifestyle. I want to try to be a little more structured, while I still share my journey with you. I want to reach out and help others if they want my help too. There are a few thoughts I would like to share: I am open to helping out anyone who asks, but I am not a trained professional. I also don't charge a fee. I am just a 'normal' person who has lost a lot of weight without gimmicks.  I will not chastise you for not doing what I suggest. It is YOUR life, not mine and YOU have to want to change in YOUR own way.  I would caution you to see your doctor before doing anything I suggest. I don't believe I have ALL the an

Still Trippin' Over My Changes

From July 2011 to February 2012 I lost 33 pounds.