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SHERRI SHARES HER MIRACLE DIET PLAN WITH YOU!!! I HAVE lost forty pounds now. It seems like it only took a few weeks. I am amazed at how many books and programs that are out there that talk about this particular milestone! I had a hard time coming up with a photo to use. I finally settled on this one: If you've ever lived on a farm or even visited one, you might have seen these mineral blocks out in the pastures with the cattle, sheep, or horses. There are ones made out of salt too. I think some deer hunters set those out, as well as the farmers that have them out for their animals. I used to live on a farm and have had to tote many of these blocks out to the middle of a pasture. They are HEAVY! And I have lost one of them since November! Please, DO NOT help me find it!!! DEAR DIARY: LAST SUNDAY : At yesterday's support group (for those of us who are trying to lose weight), our fearless leader, Robert, asked us how we became motivated to begin this process and then asked ho

Becoming a Guru?

I am trying something new this week. I like to post on the weekends. I have often had thoughts about things during the week though, that I would like to share. This week, I have taken notes and hope to make this posting more .... more.... um....more better? I think I will go with that. This posting should be "more better." Tuesday, April 19 th : We are about to get hit with yet another storm. It is a wild spring here in central Arkansas! It should be gone by morning though. I plan to walk tomorrow morning. I have been going to the center to swim and then running errands after. Trouble is, I have been doing too many errands after working out! I stay out for hours and get so tired that I can hardly function for the rest of the day! I worry about the upcoming summer. Will I stay on track? Will I keep walking and going to the pool? Can I keep motivated to keep the eating under control? At least I am pre -planning it all. I also keep telling myself to stop ' fressing '

Chewing the Fat

I stumbled across a book at the second hand store the other day, that I am actually enjoying! It is " From Fat to Fit " by Carole Carson. It turns out she has a whole website of stuff for those of us trying to gain control of our lives and to live better. So far I like her style. She is close to my age and I like reading about someone I can identify with. I know it is somewhat unfair of me to say, but her website is somewhat of a turnoff for me. There are SO many other websites out there that a person can look at! I get tired of the commercialism of it all. I don't know if Ms Carson's website is one that is a money raking deal or one there to really try to help out folks, or both. Eventually I hope to explore her website more and I will let you know if it is 'one of the good ones' or not! It does appear to have a lot of possibilities though! I am half way through her book. This covers the first 16 weeks that she tackled her weight and fitness issues. Althou

Back at it!

I usually do not exercise on Sundays, taking the proverbial 'day of rest' and all. Since I didn't have a weight change this week and have been feeling like a slacker, I thought I would make today an exception. I ended up and went for a walk this morning, before the temps went up. I did 1.3 miles in 25 minutes: I ran for 275 feet! That is what this submarine is in length...well at least close to it! I even tired out Ziva and she's young!!! I feel much better for having done this. I hope my slump is over for a few days now. We shall see! Problems this past week: 1. Feeling tired and lethargic, possibly due to higher outdoor temperatures 2. Finding out that I did a MAJOR miscalculation on the calories and fat grams in my favorite fake cheese. I could have had real slices of pizza for what my healthy pizza ended up being. I had 30 grams of fat when I thought I had 9. THAT is a HUGE mistake!!! 3. Feeling my exercising isn't vigorous enough or long enough. I don'

Sluffing Off

I know it is spelled sloughing, not sluffing , but I like spelling things wrong, on purpose...especially when I am trying a play on words for my blog titles! I have been sloughing off on my 'program' to self improve. Although I am still losing weight, I am also not working quite as hard as I was a few weeks ago. Yesterday I did my normal 75 minute workout in the pool. I know a problem many have is that they go in the pool and chat instead of work out. I DO try to keep moving hard when chatting, but I know I am not really doing a hard workout. For some reason, I have been tired lately. I wonder if the mini rice cakes at night are really NOT that good for me to snack on? Although they are low in calories and fat, I am often allowing enough calories to eat the whole bag! That is 330 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. They taste too good to be good for me, especially after 8pm. Once the last of these bags is gone, I think I will not buy them for a while. Because I have been a bit t


This little guy is either showing his teeth cuz he just got back from the dentist, like I just did, OR he is shouting out that more weight has dropped off! Either way, he was cute and pink and belonged on my blog today!