Monday, November 28, 2022

And the holidays begin

This time of year is quite busy for us. Four out of six of the family have birthdays between October and December. Then there's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mixed in. 
Let's get started! First off, it was my birthday. I love cheesecake better than cake cake.
I was gifted this coffee cup by my son. I like Jack Skellington.
We went camping. It rained a lot but we didn't care.  It was so peaceful and pretty with all the fall colors. In between showers we did a little hiking on easy trails. The three of us also played a bunch of cribbage games. 

The next weekend The Mister and #3 Son drove to St. Louis, MO for a YES concert. It's a six hour drive. After the concert they drove home and got here in the wee hours of the morning. They rested up on Saturday and on Sunday The Mister and I went to a Renaissance Faire while #3 Son babysat the dogs. We haven't been to a faire for years. The weather was perfect and we had a great time playing music and seeing a few old friends.

We did our last weekend of camping a week later. This time it didn't rain, but it snowed!
We live in the south. This was an unusual event!
We stayed warm and toasty as needed and even enjoyed a fire to cook hotdogs on and keep warm.

When we got home I had a TON of laundry to do. Unfortunately I couldn't do it because the drain pipe backed up! We had a plumber come out and work on trying to unclog it but he gave us the bad news that he thought our old cast iron pipes had rusted almost shut and we'd need a complete replacement of piping. The next day a second team came out and took a look and decided to tackle the clog again and they busted through!!! We still have to replace that section of pipe but we have a few years to do so.

Halloween was next on the list of events. We had simple decorations, about 30 trick-or-treaters, and went for a walk around 8pm to see all the neighborhood decorations.
This was one of our ghosts in the window:
One of the pumpkin decorations seemed to glow in the blue lights:
Here's a blast from the past. This is my sisters and me, back in the early 1960's. I must have been really impressed with that tiger costume my baby sister is wearing. Mom used it for several years because I remember it well! Isn't that clown mask I am wearing the creepiest thing?!!!

I found this little guy on one of my walks and he's now keeping one of my sewing machines company:

It's leaf raking time. We have a city service that collects these for free. I only did part of our front yard, but at least I did some of them!

 Abby's been doing ok. She says hi.

Sorry I did such a long post this time. I hope you enjoyed it in spite of that.
Till next time, happy trails!

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