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Tis the Season to say hello!

We start with a sunrise over the river at the outlook at Petit Jean State Park We really have embraced camping life. The more times we get away, the better our mood has been. I think camping has saved our sanity! I know it does something to my soul, to be outdoors. The year is almost over. Crabby McSlacker wrote on my post before this, the one done in November. That reminded me that I wanted to blog again this month! Thanks Crabby! So, life has been a bitch. I don't want to bore you with all the excuses, but I have not been practicing what I preach. No surprise then, that I gained weight. I am at 237 today.  Not cool Sherri, not cool. Well the leggings are kinda cool. I KNOW I have to adjust my attitude and make a stronger commitment to living a better life. I am working on that. I almost stopped leading my weight loss support group. I almost gave up on myself. Almost. What is that saying? You only fail if you quit. I refuse to fail. I refuse to quit. I CAN figur