Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's Hot Momma!

That subject line can be read so many different ways. I left out a comma so you can say it however you want to. Personally, I don't feel like a Hot Momma, but dang, it is HOT outside! Extra hot. 
Not you-live-in-the-south-so-what-do-you-expect, hot. It is hot for even here in the south.

What do I do when it is so hot? I crochet! I finished up this wrap:

I tested this hat and cowl pattern:

I am working on three pairs of socks too. I hope to have photos of them, next time.

I've had two plum trees for four or five years. I have had ONE plum to eat, in all those years. THIS year though? Oh my, they both are producing more fruit than I can keep up with. I don't believe in spraying for bugs, so a lot goes to waste. It's been kinda fun though, going out in the mornings and picking ones that look promising. 
There are twice as many on the ground as there are here, in my sink.

We won't go camping until fall. I forgot to share these photos from our last camping trip this past spring. On our way to the campgrounds, there is this tree that fascinates me. I always think it's raising its arms to try to surprise me. hahaha
I look forward to seeing it again.

I've been working on this orphan block quilt for a few months now. Today I made progress with the help from my "Design Consultants", otherwise known as The Mister and The Young Man. I will change the layout a little bit before it's sewn together. I am liking how it's turning out though.
That's it for this post! Till next time, happy crafting ya'll!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sock (it) to (me) Sock

I am getting better and better at crocheting socks.
This is the best heel turn I have made so far!

I've been trying to go for a walk every day.
This morning I was herding bunny rabbits.
Can you see all three?

I'm still progressing with my embroidery project:

We went camping again and my favorite tree was happy to see us! 

I finished a blanket shawl:

When camping, this was the mini waterfall next to our campsite:

The weather has turned super hot.
We have 'reverse cabin fever' where we stay indoors all summer
like folks stay indoors in the winters, up north.
I am ready though. I have lots of books to read!

Here is the latest Orphan Block quilt top.
This will be given as a donation quilt, through our local guild.

This isn't a bug.
It's a crack in the windshield of the car!

Finally, back to those socks.
This pair is done! 
I've stared THREE more pairs since then.
Summer is a good time to do socks as they aren't so hot in your lap while stitching.

This catches me up for now! 
Till next time, happy crafting!!!

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