Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Now that I figured out how to get photos from my camera to the computer, I am back in business!
The talk I gave at the support group, on getting started and setting goals, seemed to go over well! I love trying to help. I've done so much research and reading and listening, that I feel like I might explode sometimes! The only thing worse than an ex-smoker is a person who's lost weight and wants to help! Just tell me to shush if I get too long winded when talking to you about how to do what I am doing. I mean well, but can go off on tangents if I don't watch out!

So, on the weight loss front, I am stagnant again. I am 200 point 2, or point 6, or point 5, depending on the day. Of course, during the middle of the week, I am seeing 199 and once even saw a 198, but until that number shows up on a Saturday for the official weigh in, it doesn't count! Maybe, carrying around my Mad Hatter's Hat in my bag, is jinxing it?

I have never been so relaxed about sitting in a plateau as I have this one though. I just know it will happen, when it happens! I heard on a recent podcast that you shouldn't think of it as a plateau but rather as your metabolism doing a readjustment. Once it is all lined up again, the weight will come off again. And this has happened several times before. I will go along, flirting with a one pound gain or loss for a few weeks and then BOOM, three pounds drop off and stay off!

In thinking about (non-food) rewards, I think a new pair of shoes would be the best one for getting into one-derland. I was shocked when I compared my oldest shoes to the newer pair. I have actually worn out a pair of shoes! The older ones are the two on the inside:
See how the nubs are flat and the white parts are worn away as compared to the newer shoes on the outsides of these sets?
You can really see it in this closeup. The newer shoes in these photos are the exact same brand and size as the older ones. I bought them last year, with the intention of replacing my old shoes with them. However, the new ones just won't break in and hurt my feet sometimes. So a new pair of good running/walking shoes IS in order and will be a welcomed reward for getting into one-derland!

I am saving up for a laptop for when I reach my next goal of 191 if I make that by April 15th. I am not sure what type of laptop I will go for, but I understand that April is a good month to buy a laptop, so it all seems to fall into place with using that as a reward.

Then on to the scariest goal of 175. This year is shaping up to be busy and interesting, all at the same time!

I've done my walk for the day and am off to run errands. I have had a good balanced breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. I have a chicken salad made and ready for lunch and I think I may try a shrimp burger recipe while the guys here have their manwiches.

If you haven't done so already...GO FOR A WALK TODAY!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I am not in one-derland yet, but I can see it from here! I was down just over a half pound this week. Today I am following the yellow brick road, clicking my heels three times (while wearing those hot pink crocs) and hoping to wake up in one-derland next week!

I have been thinking about rewards for myself for both one-derland and for reaching my final goal. I think a new pair of run/walk shoes would be a great one for one-derland. Final goal might be a laptop computer. That seems a bit extravagant though. I will have to give that some more thought.

Not much to say for today. I am working on my 'speech' for Thursday and have other commitments to tend to in my other life! I hope you are having a great weekend! Now get out there and go for a walk on YOUR yellow brick road!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unplanned Milestone Achieved!

I didn't realize it when it happened but when I weighed in last Saturday, not only had I lost the holiday pounds, but a few more to boot! I was down to 201 and change. This officially moved me from the 'obese' category to the 'overweight' category! Woohoo!
Isn't this photo amazing?
Look at how fat sits on the body and squishes the organs!

I still feel obese. I still feel I look like this:
I HOPE I look more like this:
I guess it is time to take new photos!
Next week marks my first speaking engagement. Doesn't that sound all important? hahahaha, it isn't as grandiose as all that. I will be speaking at the support group on goal setting. I might have to do it in a funny hat because I am so close to being in one-derland!

I am getting back on track with my exercises. I've tried to change them up a little bit, and am trying to do more weights and resistance work. When frazzled though, I revert to a good hard long walk! Nothing wrong with that!!! Now YOU go do it too!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Statement of Fact

I started dieting when I was 11 or 12. I stopped dieting when I was 56. I am losing weight because I am living and eating like the thin person I want to be. I am more educated on foods. I eat between 1200 and 2000 calories a day. I exercise about 60 min. a day. (as simple as a walk, as complex as Yoga) I am working on re-educating my brain to know when I am truly hungry. I am working on 'mindful' eating...eating slow, thinking about the food I am shoveling in, the taste, the texture. I stay away from most processed foods that are chemically engineered to just taste good. I find that the less processing in foods the more foods become filling. I have been simply amazed at how easy this all has been. This is my LIFESTYLE that I CHOOSE. "Diets" do NOT work. You can't be on a 'program' for the rest of your life. You CAN change your lifestyle to that of a healthy person and lose excess pounds in the process. I wish I knew this years ago!!!

Saturday will be the first time this year that I get on the scale again and have the weight be the true recorded weight of record. I don't know what it will show! I think I lost some of the holiday weight, but I am still not back on track, exercise-wise, as 'the child' only went back to school today and we have contractors here at the house for the next few days, which necessitates me keeping close to home. Whatever the scale says it is, I am ready to deal with it. I feel good! I hope you do too.

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