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Anyone for lunch?

One chicken thigh and leg; de-boned, skinned, and chopped up makes a great salad, especially if you add red seedless grapes, chopped celery, grape tomatoes, a little honey mustard, a tablespoon of Miracle Whip Lite, and curry. How about a whole bag of organic steamed veggies on the other side of the plate? That is 310 calories on a big plate and includes a tablespoon of butter! Now I ask you, how can you be hungry after this for lunch? Hmmmmmm?

What does a size 16 look like?

All the women above used a sewing pattern that was a size 16, for the slacks they are wearing.  Size 16 seems to come in all shapes that don't look quite the same! How can you feel good about yourself if you are not a model size 2? An article I glanced at had the subject line: "Look Gorgeous Even With Size 16 Jeans".   EVEN with size 16? What? Is size 16 normally an ugly size?  What does size 16 look like?  Oh how flattering this is! (insert sarcasm) That size 16 model is so NOT pretty! Here is a size 16 model that does a lot of work for Lane Bryant: Her name is Ashley Graham and she's 22,  5' 9" tall.  Her measurements are reported to be 36-34-47.  By the way, her bra size is a 38D. Here is another size 16 woman, although she is not a model: She is 57, 5' 9" tall and her measurements are reported to be 40-37-43.  Although she wore a D cup when she was in her 20's,  somehow it measures as an A cup now.

Can you keep a secret?

Shhhhhhhhhh....don't tell anyone or we might jinx this. After a week of eating more , my weight was down 1.8 this week. Now this could be just that same swing that has been going on since April OR it just might be the start of something good. I shall keep you posted...of course! Can't wait to hit the trail tomorrow morning! Upper 50's and sunshine make for perfect walkin' weather. See you there! Walk-on

Freaky Friday

Do I write about how the furnace service man said that I looked so good and SO healthy for having lost so much weight? He's used to seeing folks look sickly when they've lost a lot of weight. Do I write about the neighbor's adult daughter who marvels at my weight loss and asks me every time how I did it. I tell her it is a lifestyle thing of good eating, and staying active. She looks down and says she is on the HCG diet again. Then hands me the banana pudding her mother, our neighbor, made. "I can't eat this on the HCG diet" she explains. She is still looking for her magic pill. (I had a spoonful of the pudding and it was soooooooo good! The child had some for dessert for the next couple nights and I had a spoonful again too!) Do I write about being interviewed by the Fit 2 Live organization today? Yup, little ol' me was videotaped earlier today. I was talking about the trail I go walking on, the weight training I've started, and my overall journe

Train Smarter, Not Harder

That is my message of the day. Lots of little things have been going on this past week. After a surprise drop in weight last week, I gained five pounds when I got on the scale, five days later. Was I bummed? No, I was downright depressed. And it hasn't gotten better. I am still down in the dumps about it. In reading about what to do I came across that phrase to "train smarter, not harder". Eat more, exercise less, be smarter, not harder on yourself. Really. I saw my doctor for my annual checkup and although it went well, a test was forgotten and I have to go back...and pay another co-pay to have it done. (grumble) However, he was impressed that I had lost 31 more pounds since he saw me last.  And the nurse practitioner kept looking at my chart as we talked and then when I said I had lost 100 pounds total, she said "THAT explains it!" She thought she had the wrong chart because it did not match the weight of the person sitting in front of her! Ok, so that was k

Cultured Corner

I have been keeping an artist journal that is loaded with references to my lifestyle. The ups and downs of weight gains and losses make for interesting topics. This is one page that was done back in July. I think I will share these with you all as the mood strikes me to. (smile)

All Wrapped Up

Years ago I remember my folks getting such a kick out of a joke where a woman met her husband and his boss at the door, wrapped in plastic wrap. (She didn't know the husband was bringing the boss home) Dad really thought this was hilarious. Mom just thought it was amusing....she had often complained when Dad brought home unexpected company for dinner. I've been thinking I should wrap my body in plastic wrap. No, I would not meet my husband at the door like this, although I could ...... never mind! Anyway, when you wear a ring for a long time, that area of your finger gets slimmer. Why not wrap the saggy parts of my body in plastic wrap to shrink that? If you do an online search about body wrapping in plastic wrap, you will be amazed at how many folks have tried this! I also found out that you can really mess up your skin. Some folks don't know they are allergic to certain plastics and blister up as if burned. Some leave it on too long and just have all kinds of yucky th

The Thinker

I've been rethinking about a lot of things lately. I actually took off the whole weekend to spend time with my family. No trips to the center for exercise or meetings or classes, no walks, no sitting at my computer in my studio away from family. It was wonderful. I wasn't just sitting around being a couch potato, nor did I ignore my food choices. We stayed active. We worked for hours in the hot sun, doing yard work. We went shopping. We moved furniture around in the house and put shelves up. I exercised a LOT that way! It's been five solid months now that the scale hasn't really moved. I fluctuate between 187 and 189 pounds, give or take an ounce or three. When I stop and think about it, I have reached a level of comfort and weight that might be just where I stay at. I lead an active life, make a point of exercising several times a week, eat sensibly, and take care of myself. Is this really as easy at it seems? How was I missing this all my life? I don'

Ven Venting

Besides being a quilter I am also somewhat of an artist. I've always wanted to be one, when I grew up. Because of my artistic leanings, I am drawn (pun intended) to artistic shows. One such show is Project Runway. I think it is season 10 right now and we are about a third of the way into the shows. Each week these fashion designers are given a theme and they need to come up with a design and an outfit for models to wear. In the past they have had to make something that a business woman could wear from office to dinner date. They've been able to design for stars who would be attending a red carpet event. They were sent to a hardware store once, to find items to make into clothing. (Most of the time they go to a place called Mood, that is a huge fabric store) You should see what you can make from black plastic garbage bags! I love seeing how their creative minds work. Last week they were designing outfits for normal women whose friends wanted to give them a makeover. This is