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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my family and friends are having a wonderful day! If not, I hope they are not having a sucky day! I choose to just go with the flow today. I will have a few treats that are not exactly the lowest in calories. I am also eating some really good healthy foods. I wanted to focus on the day with family, rather than the day with fear of foods. It has been going just fine this way too! So Abby and I wish you all a: Live life with amazing things. Feel good about yourself and your life. Make the most of whatever time we have left. AND, tomorrow, join me, Abby, and Ziva for a walk!

Giving Up INO

What would happen if I just gave up? What exactly does that mean? I have so many thoughts going through my head. I can find arguments for every type of eating and exercising plan as being the best one. Who do I believe? If I make a change, how long before I see results? Am I eating too many fried eggs? Do I have to walk a WHOLE lot more? If I don't work out at a gym, will I be doomed to gain all the weight back? Is Paleo right because they say they are? Is the coffee creamer making me gain weight? Am I eating more than I think I am? Am I not eating enough? Did I have too much bread last week? Is the stress of hubby being gone, affecting me more than I think? Is being off anti-depressants making me gain? How delusional am I? Is Atkins right, because Sharon Osborne swears by it? Is it because I am not sleeping as much due to my bed warmer being in China? I  d o n ' t   k n o w . So what would happen, if I gave up? Do I really have to count calories ever

Well Poodles!

I don't know what to say. I got nothing. The scale was up FOUR pounds this week. I honestly do not know why. I hope it is because I am not getting enough sleep. That is about the only change, due to hubby's business trip. Anyway, I still am not giving up. I don't plan to either. I WILL get the right formula figured out so this weight gain stops. I am truly stumped on this one though. I just can't figure it out yet. And I am in great spirits when I don't think about the scale. The weather is freakin' awesome!!! I plan to go for a good long walk tomorrow. The air is clean. The leaves are turning colors that would brighten anybodies mood. How can I be sad with all that around me? See ya on the trails!

Are we there yet?

I feel like a little kid..."Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" I weighed in today and nothing has changed. I am still at 195, where I have been for months now... give or take a few pounds. It is scary being so close to 200 pounds. For the first time EVER in my life, I lost all this weight the right way and have kept it off for almost two years. According to all the things I've read, I think I need to lose 20-30 more pounds. I am still in the overweight category and also still have 37% body fat. So what is going on? I don't know for sure. I started tracking my calorie intake again and I am on track for what I should be eating. I tried eating less. I tried eating more. Nothing budged. Maybe it was my exercising? I had sloughed off during the summer a bit. So I instigated the 30/30 challenge and did 30 minutes a day of walking for 30 days. Nothing budged. I am still with the gym, but I know I am under performing there. I talked to a traine