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Fail … NOT

So ya, I have been ignoring you. I don't like to blog when I am not performing up to my own standards. I am still not back on track. My current downfall has been that I've been drinking too much. WTF is it with addictive personalities??? If it isn't food it is alcohol. If it isn't alcohol it is cigarettes. If it isn't cigarettes it is food. If it isn't alcohol it is shopping. What AM I searching for? What is lacking in my life? I have not figured it out just yet. However, kudos to me for not giving up! I may not be doing as good as I should, could, would, want, hope, wish, to be doing, but I am not giving up. I would have given up long ago if I hadn't changed at least some part of my personality and life. Believe it or not, my eating is still mostly clean and healthy. However, after a MONTH of having a bottle of wine a night, my tummy has expanded a full SEVEN inches!!!!!! I know I have to cut this out and I am working on that. I am down to two bottl

Tummy Tucking

Restarting again, again. I got over my 'thing' with not going into my sewing studio. The fabric therapy has definitely helped me! I am not sure I can do this June challenge, but take a look at this: It has been all over FB and I don't know the origins of this challenge. I know my form will be non-existent, but am wondering if I can somehow DO this? I will let you know. Plans are to update you on more of what is and is not going on in my life. It is not pretty nor is it awful. It is what it is. Till then, if you can, Walk-On!