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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Actually, this photo fits all of the parts of the title of today's blog! The good is the Christmas tree in the background. The bad and ugly are both covered by this very blah photograph!!! lol My ever charming husband was showing me how my new camera works. By the time he took this picture, I was no longer amused. hahahaha !!! I am working on my goals. I have them on the side bar over to your right. Truth be told, life has been rather hectic this holiday season and it's been hard to sit still and work on thinking clear and straight forward thoughts! All is good though. I know I've gained a bit of weight and I know I will lose it and more, once the holidays are over. I am thinking about being some sort of motivational speaker. How's that for different?! I think lots of thoughts. It must be scary for anyone who is a mind reader and tries to read mine! I need to figure out the rewards for reaching goals too. But I wanted to post the goals though, on New Year's Ev

A Little Holiday Fear?

Shouldn't that be cheer, not fear? It depends on who you talk to. Some folks that are enjoying the holidays are fearing what that scale will say once they get back to their more normal lives! In the past, many of us would use the pounds gained over the holidays as an excuse to break our most common New Year's Resolution, even before the new year is officially here! I know I have gained a few pounds over the holidays. I know why too! I actually didn't do all that bad with foods. I enjoyed the holidays and the food while eating pretty sensibly, overall. Truth be told, I am hoping some of the weight gain will be from water weight that drinking things like wine and vanilla rum will cause! I didn't pig out on candy but I did have three mini chocolate candy bars and one chocolate covered cherry over the past week. I also had a slim sliver of my husband's chocolate birthday cake and less than a half cup of vanilla bean ice cream with it. The bigger reason I've gained a

Challenge Results, Goal Setting, and More

I have a lot of little things to talk about today. I will cover the fruit challenge results, goal setting for 2012, exercise changes, and a few random thoughts. FRUIT CHALLENGE: The fruit challenge was kinda fun! I had to look up what exactly a quince and a pummelo was, and how to eat them. The pummelo turned out to be like a very thick skinned grapefruit. It wasn't quite as sour and tart as what we think grapefruit can be. It was very difficult to peel off the outer skin and the inner membranes. It might qualify as a negative calorie food because it takes quite a bit of work to prepare it for eating! I would not bother buying one again. The quince was even more challenging because you had to cook it to eat it. There were several recipes for using quince to thicken applesauce as it reports to have somewhat of a jelling property to it. I chose to cook it, add sugar to it and eat it as a dessert type food. It reminded me of cooked apple but didn't have much flavor

I have a challenge for you!

It's been a challenge to get my exercising in this week. Over the weekend we had a big rainstorm come in. Usually I can watch the radar and get a run/walk done, in between downpours. Not this time! It rained steadily from Saturday night through Monday morning!!! I still was able to get to the center for my usual Saturday swim. I was down a pound again. ( happy dance ) Sunday I was unable to get much of anything done, exercise wise. I was just 'off' that day and gave myself permission to relax a bit. Monday I braved the flooded roads and went to the center for my Yoga class. However, when I got there, the class had been cancelled! RATS!!! I went home and spent hours, decorating and cleaning house. I was exhausted by the end of the day and my legs were noodle-ish. Though the weather had turned colder on Tuesday, I was back on the trails for a wonderful run/walk! How cold was it you ask? Cold enough to have this facing us Wednesday morning: Thankfully the roads were mostly