Sunday, February 22, 2015

Photo shoot

This is my yoga class from this past summer. It has increased in student numbers by about 20+ since then. I'd like to think it is because I am a better teacher than I was! hahahaha
Remember, you can click on the photo to enlarge it.
That is me, bottom row, second from the left.
No yoga tomorrow...we are iced in for the second weekend in a row. What a crazy winter it has been for everyone!
Till spring time, consider, Walking-on!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


"Well upholstered" . . . that is the female version of fluffy. 
I heard this term a month or so ago and finally have gotten around to sharing it! I am neglecting my blog as much as I am neglecting myself these days! I had a legitimate reason for the ten days I was too sick to leave the house. I got off to a slow start last week, finally getting back to yoga class on Wednesday and teaching yoga on Friday. I was so sore. It amazes and aggravates me at how fast muscles weaken!

I was going to get back on track this week too, but then we had this silly ice storm slow things down. I hope to make it to yoga class tomorrow. On Friday, I hope the snow holds off until after that class has happened too. I am supposed to go sign up for a membership in the community center's gym. I like their weight room better than the one at the senior center. The senior center has pneumatic weight machines. The community center has the more common weight machines with the brick shaped weight. My plans are to do yoga and then then follow that with strength training, two days a week. Those will be the changes I will make. Yup. Those are them.

There isn't much else to report these days. I am happy. I am doing ok, and could do better. Life is ok. It could be so much worse! Sorry this is such a lame posting! Hope you will all keep walking on!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Different Type of Exercise

Lately my exercising has been in working to get two rooms redone in our house. Painting, hauling, bending, stooping, all with a nasty cold, has me exhausted each night!
Husband's Office
 Our dining room is full of 'stuff' from the emptied office.
 I can't wait to get this all organized again!!!
  This is the only shot I could find of our bedroom before we painted and carpeted it:
 Note the orange 1960's carpeting!
This is an after photo of the same room:
 It is a mess because all our renfaire garb is on the bed. Normally it is all stored in the closet in my husband's office. I will try to get a nicer photo, once everything is done, done. hahahaha
I might not be out walking, but at least I am not sitting! Till next time though, walk-on, y'all!

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