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I am apprehensive, but on Tuesday, the day after my 13th wedding anniversary, I am going to a martial arts class! I need a kick in the behinder to get my exercising back on track. I'll keep you posted on who's butt I kick. Oh and I am staying the same weight...but I discovered what I have suspected for a while, my measurements have changed. I guess exercise is good for waist loss as well as weight loss! I was reading a blog called " Truth2BeingFit " where she was talking about thigh gap. Really? People worry about such things??? Apparently so. I was happy to show off my muffin top today in an Easter pink tee-shirt. I am sure others see a pudgy old woman. Since I know better, I don't care! I was good about staying out of the candy on Easter Sunday. In fact, my 12 yr old has also stayed out of it...mostly because he can't find where I hid it. That's it for today! Hope you have had a nice weekend too. Walk On!!!

The Best Ideas of....OOOOO SHINY!!!

How come I have all these GREAT ideas for postings throughout the day, and when I get time to sit and write, I have forgotten them? I have tried writing down notes to remind me, but then I lose the notes. I have a hand-held recording device, but I left it somewhere, where I can't find it. (we won't mention that I don't know how to work it very well yet) I wish I could blame this on old-age-brain, but I've been this way most of my least I think I have...I forget now....what was I saying? .... This past Saturday I went to an event . My favorite yoga studio had sent out a notice that they were having a " Healthy Life, Wellness, and You, Workshop " I thought it might be fun to go to! Imagine, local folks talking about something I have a passion healthier! In the notice, there were pictures of some of the current hot-topic-books like "Wheat Belly". I really thought this was all going to be very informative! Imagine my dismay

Those blasted food manufacturers again!

I read the other day that most stores have stopped carrying full fat Fage yogurt. Why would you want full fat yogurt? Mostly I like to use it as my ice cream. It tastes good with chocolate syrup on it! Or butterscotch even. I might try freezing if I can find it somewhere else again. Also I have found that the full fat (and sometimes the 2%) is more satisfying. The fat fills you up and sticks with you longer. The zero fat leaves me craving for more! I still like the zero fat for sour cream replacement though, it is tangy. Also, did you notice that the zero fat Fage is an ounce LESS than the 2% Fage but sells for the same price? That makes the 2% a better deal, money wise. I had to laugh when I heard about the Kraft Mac n Cheese news this week. Well, I guess it is NOT funny that the US version can have those nasty yellow dyes in them. But when the ladies behind the movement to get those colors out of the US version, were on Dr. Oz this past week, Dr. Oz did a

Syrup isn't Sugar and Sugar isn't Syrup?

If corn syrup solids are listed as the first ingredient, why are sugars listed as ZERO grams? Did you know this? I am still researching this but I think I have figured out that corn syrup solids are not considered sugar because it is a syrup. It is listed as a carb but not a sugar. I am not amused. My coffee creamer's first ingredient is "corn syrup solids". I think I am going to go back to half and half in my coffee. It is a LOT more natural! So watch those grams of carbs in your ingredients, especially if they say they are sugar might be a lie fib! In the post before this I had several commenter's. Thank you so much! I often wonder if anyone is still reading this blog. For the record, I have NOT started smoking this time. Also for the record, I am doing better. The scale didn't budge but my mood has lifted. I have plans for keeping my moods lifted this week too. I am hoping to meet with my old trainer from last fall to see if we can work out a way t

Move along, move along, nothing to see here!

I promised to not disappear when things were not going as well as I would like them to be going. So...things are not going as well as I would like them to be going. I am up in weight again. (sigh-oh-poor-me) I could blame it on the weather. Maybe it is the time of year. Maybe I have gotten lazy. Perhaps I am deluding myself in regards to how little I can exercise and how much I can eat. Just because some studies suggest full fat is better than zero fat, doesn't mean it is better for me. Insert any lame excuse here _________! I am going through a very rough time. It is partly my nature. I am a worrier. I have anxiety issues. I suffer with bouts of depression. Often I turn to cigarettes when these things peak in intensity. I have tried medications but part of me loathes the thought of being on some type of antidepressant year, after year. I know I will work things out. I know I have been saying this for several months now. It is amazing how time has been almost