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Happy Trails to Youuuuuuuu, till we meet again!

Well hello there! How are ya? I'm fine. No, really, I AM!  I am doing a lot better and have been for several weeks now. I don't have all the  answers yet, but I am figuring out the questions better! To catch you up on a few things, I am off all meds now. Seems I am not the chronically depressed type person that needs to be on a medication to cope. Now I might need a short term zap now and then, but overall, I don't seem to need a full blown antidepressant. I understand that some people DO need medications and I have no problem with that. I do not doubt that full blown depression is a serious illness that the right medications can really help with. In my case, I honestly feel that my doctor was just trying to help in the easiest way he could, by tossing me a pill that would instantly 'fix' me. I would agree that there have been times when a medicine was the best thing for a short term bout of stress, for me. I do not think I need to take an antidepressant on

Almost, but not Quite

Is there such a thing as being "almost depressed"? That is somewhat, what I struggle with. When someone says they are depressed, do you automatically think they are suicidal? I have no suicidal thoughts. Perhaps my depression does not need medication but needs talk therapy. I think I will look into that more. I am not liking the side affects of my current meds and truly believe that my doctor meant well, but threw pills at me instead of making other suggestions that don't have quick fixes. In other news, the trainer just is not going to work out. He met with me, was going to arrange sessions and then bailed on me again. I think over a year of trying should tell me that it is time to give up on him. I am on to plan B. The weight loss support group is going to meet twice a week for strength training exercises. I am hoping the accountability will help us all work on strength training in a positive way with a good outcome. I may even work on a routine so those who are new

What Then?

"I want to get to my goal weight and be happy." "You're not happy now?" "I will be happier when I've lost all this weight." "How will you be different then? Why does a few pounds make you a happier person?" "Well...well because all my troubles will magically go away when I am thinner!" "Do you think thin people are always happy?" "I suppose they are sometimes unhappy, but being thinner must make them just happier people in general." "Do you know how ridiculous you sound?" "Um, ya, I guess I do." I've been a bit under the weather lately. Call it the winter blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder, cabin fever, gray skies, or depression…I have had a bout of it. It is under control now. I am doing better. Thank you to those who sent words of encouragement. Depression is a very scary word to many people, including myself. I hate/loath/detest the thought that taking a little pill