What does a size 16 look like?

All the women above used a sewing pattern that was a size 16, for the slacks they are wearing. 
Size 16 seems to come in all shapes that don't look quite the same!

How can you feel good about yourself if you are not a model size 2? An article I glanced at had the subject line:
"Look Gorgeous Even With Size 16 Jeans".  
EVEN with size 16? What? Is size 16 normally an ugly size? 
What does size 16 look like?
 Oh how flattering this is! (insert sarcasm)
That size 16 model is so NOT pretty!

Here is a size 16 model that does a lot of work for Lane Bryant:
Her name is Ashley Graham and she's 22,  5' 9" tall. 
Her measurements are reported to be 36-34-47. 
By the way, her bra size is a 38D.

Here is another size 16 woman, although she is not a model:
She is 57, 5' 9" tall and her measurements are reported to be 40-37-43. 
Although she wore a D cup when she was in her 20's, 
somehow it measures as an A cup now. (38A-40A)

Let this be a lesson to you...if you are younger and have weight to lose, either lose it while you are still young so your skin shrinks back or save a lot of money so you can get plastic surgery to remove it later!

I am sure you've guessed that the photos of the 57 year old are mine. This is why it is hard for me to grasp that I am a size 16 and only considered to be overweight a bit. I "see" a huge belly and think I am still obese. My intellectual brain says differently. Someday I hope the two catch up to each other!
See the scar above my belly button? That is what stomach stapling surgery did to you 30 years ago.
I hear that the modern day version of this surgery leaves smaller scars now, but I would still never recommend the surgery.

Sometimes I AM allowing myself to catch a glimpse of what others see. This woman below, with her dog, doesn't look as huge as her brain sometimes wants to tell her she is. 
She actually doesn't look half bad for an old lady. 

I will enjoy my size 16. I will have to hunt a bit more, than some might, for the right clothes to hide the loose skin because I cannot afford plastic surgery, but that is ok. Being a size 16 is pretty cool and with the right clothes, you might even say a little sexy. Maybe spicy? Ah heck, I'll take being a nice woman who has a neat dog named Ziva!



Sherri said…
I just edited this post because I noticed I wrote "scare and scares" instead of "scar and scars". Although, in the case of that surgery, I think all four words work! :)
Cynthia said…
Wow! What a post. Clothing sizes are a pet peeve of mine. This first started for me when I recently reached about the same measurements I had as a senior in high school (thank goodness for old high school band dress patterns in a box in the attic to use for reference) but became confused because my jeans size is so different now than it was then. In high school (1980), with roughly the same waist and hip measurements that I have now (within ½ inch), I wore a size 13/14 jean. I remember being so mortified at having to buy such a huge size that I would wear my jeans until they were almost rags so I would not have to go into a store and go through the humiliation again. With those same measurements today, I am sitting here comfortably wearing a pair of size 8 Lee jeans. What is going on?! I started looking into it and found that clothing sizes were pretty tightly regulated prior to about 1983. After deregulation, all hell broke loose. Interestingly, sewing patterns have never changed their sizing, so their measurements/sizing standards are pretty close to what they were pre-1983. In fact, with my current measurements, I would need to sew myself a pair of size 16 pants, even though I would be sitting at my sewing machine wearing size 8 jeans. So the crazy thing is that those “size 16” women in your first photo would all likely wear a much smaller size in store bought pants. Who knows what size, because we all know there is tremendous variation between brands. And body proportions and lumpiness all have an impact, too. So now when I shop (in thrift stores, like you), a just grab anything I like, regardless of size, then try it on. This has resulted in a drawer full of size 8, mostly size 10, and some size 12 jeans, as well as two size 6 skirts, which all fit about the same. I find this maddening.

And thanks for showing us your belly. Mine looks very similar after birthing three and being overweight for a lifetime (until recently!). Saggy bellies unite! I think you look great in your last photo with your dog.
I just spent a wonderful afternoon reading all your blog posts. I subscribe, but wanted to start at the beginning.
I really like the idea of exercising with purpose. I have two children under 5, work a full time job and have a quilt business on the side out of my home (that is how I found your walking blog--through quilting!) I have to purpose it, or it doesn't happen. Because of my schedule I need to get up at 4:30am to do it. I feel so much better when I do!
My only complaint is when you refer to your son as "the child". I understand if you don't want to use his real name (my day job is a middle school librarian and I KNOW about the scary people on the internet!) Could you give him a fictitious name? or even "my youngest son", something? "The child" seems so cold.
thank you for your journey. you are an inspiration to me and many others!
Rose Hall
Custom Quilt Kits
Sherri said…
Thanks for commenting Rose! I love to inspire folks and always want to help out if I can.
I had to laugh, although you don't see it as funny, but the reason I use "the child" is because I picked it up from a fellow quilter and online friend. She uses it for her son who is about the same age. I picked it up from her and we both use it more as a term of endearment! It isn't meant in a derogatory way at all, although with you mentioning it, I now can see how it could. I can't promise to not use the term as much, but I will keep it in mind. :)

Hope you'll continue to enjoy both blogs, although lately this one gets a lot more postings!

You're ahead of the game, being an active mom of two young children! I too love to exercise in the morning to get it out of the way. Later in the day, I will still sometimes add a shorter walk if time and energy allows. If I don't get it done in the mornings I somehow always seem to be out of energy to do it later.

Anyway, welcome to my blog! And again, thank you for commenting. :)
Sherri said…
Cynthia, I am SO glad we can share our jelly bellies! lololol Thanks for the wonderful comments!
builditbob said…
WOW Sherri !!! You are one of the bravest people I've ever known. Your willingness to "bear-all" in service to others is powerful. It reinforces what shines through as the true you.... an a deeply caring and enlightened being who genuinely wants only to help any and all.

That your blog is fantastic.......priceless......that you're willing to put it all out there......priceless.......that you strive mightily to uncover the truth of things......priceless.......that we have you as a friend, mentor, and fellow sojouner way beyound.......priceless. MUCHO MUCHO GRACIAS !!!!
Sherri said…
LOL Robert! You're funny! I figure if those folks on Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss can show their bellies, so can I! Besides, part of why I DO share so much on my blog is because this type of stuff is often hidden like some deep dark secret. We see before and after shots where the after shots are super skinny with flat bellies. I want to get the message out that I am a normal everyday person. Well, at least as "normal" as I can be! :)
lost angel said…
This post just give me so much hope I am 48 years old and I've lost 70 lb I'm down to 185 my measurements are 40-39 -45 and you just gave me a lot of Hope I was really feeling down on myself and you really help me get out of this slump thank you for being so open

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