I wish I were talking about a cold snap. The heat is coming back...temps to be in the hundreds and little to no rain as far as the forecast can see.

Need I say more? I do? Um....okay, my weight is staying the same...still up and down those same four pounds. You know what? I am getting more and more okay with that! I suspect when the temps cool down and I get back into my regular walking, I will drop ten pounds and settle in at that new weight for a looooong time...if not forever! I would be very okay with that!

Other of the postcasts I listen to is selling supplements now. I don't like that. I DO like the podcast for the most part, as the advise is good. I just don't agree with the side sales of supplements and their diet theory that it is all hormones that make us fat.

My all time favorite podcast is still on hiatus. I hope the one who is having health issues, recovers soon. I still like their theory like the thinner person you want to be.

I found a new ice cream that I like. It is Breyer's Carb smart chocolate ice cream. It packs a lot of creamy taste with fewer calories than most other frozen treats. I also saw a bit on TV that talked about a thing called Yonana. It makes bananas into banana ice cream without added sugars or milk. It is expensive though and I think I will pass on getting one for $50. They say you can make this stuff in a food processor too. I don't own one of them either. I may try it with my blender. I have one of those.

That's the latest from these parts! Summer is over half over and fall is on the horizon! I can hardly wait!!!


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