Distorted Image

I still feel like I look like a big fat obese woman. I still see a stranger in the mirror when I am well dressed in a flattering outfit. I don't know if this self image stuff will ever straighten out or not. I don't know if I want it to for fear I may forget how bad I was before I got better! Only time will tell.

Speaking of distorted imaging, take a look at this yummy treat:
I love raspberry and chocolate flavored foods and just had to buy these! I thought the 70 calories sounded great! So what if it had a bit of Splenda to cut the sugar, right? Then I got my first one out. I placed one on the box, next to the picture of the treat inside:
I think they are not quite the same, don't you? No wonder they were only 70 calories! They would be more like 140 calories if they were closer to a normal size...like I thought they were. Blue Bunny Ice Cream has made me crabby. I feel cheated...again. (at least they tasted good!) The photo doesn't really do it justice unless you realize the the picture on the box is about half the size of what we think a normal ice cream treat on a stick looks like. I should have taken a photo of it next to a real ice cream type treat. Suffice it to say, even with mindful eating practices, there are only about three bites to be had on that stick! And TWO of those had you biting into the stick!!!

The heat remains in place here. It was over 80° around five this morning. Too hot to even consider going for a walk. We went to the pool instead.

That is is for today. Time to work on supper and a quilt...not necessarily in that order.


Cynthia said…
I too, get that feeling of outrage when I measure out a serving size of my homemade, low-fat frozen yogurt (it's been really hot here in Kansas, too) and look at the amount in the bowl. That tiny dollop is NOT what a serving should look like in my overeaters head. My portion size meter is definitely still broken, but I'm trying to fix it!

There's nothing wrong with your head, though. Blue Bunny is guilty of just plain deceptive advertising. In addition to the size discrepancy, I like how the box says, "New Snack Size" as if an ice cream bar is ever not a snack. I guess now we know that "snack size" is code for "really tiny".

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