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Sweet Dreams Are (not) Made of These...

...who am I to disagree? (I love that song btw ) This photo came across my FaceBook page today. If you didn't already know there was a lot of sugar in some of our favorite drinks, you will now! Oh it pains me to see that chocolate milk in the middle too! My 11 year old son drinks that at school. At least I pack his lunches with healthier choices. Maybe I can talk him into bottled water for next year. I guess if I never give him lunch money or milk money, that might slow him down on the chocolate milk! It is hard being a mean Mom, especially when it is for his own good. It is hard to balance healthy eating nudging with nagging. I know from personal experience that nagging the wrong way can really backfire for an overweight child. I could really damage his self esteem if I make him feel less of a person because he is overweight. If he thinks he is lacking, he may begin to think I don't love him as much because he isn't 'perfect'. I try to provide healthy choices and

About Town

I have nothing. Well, that isn't exactly true. I have ME! I am working on figuring out how to use the new stuff on my laptop and part of this involves getting photos from my phone to the laptop, edit them, and put them on this blog. So guess what? I have a few random photos to share! The first photo was shot at the local car wash. (I blurred out the lady's face and license plate.) Before the back window of her vehicle was put up, I read an advertisement on the back about a business that I assume was hers or someone she knows. In big bold lettering, it said "Body by Vi" I was amused at the irony of the advertising and the driver. I wonder just how successful this business is? (Please forgive me, my smirk) I did some searching on the Internet when I got home and found out this is a type of healthy shake (according to their website) that will miraculously give you a fit and healthy body. I think I will stick to my more normal foods. This next picture is from about a m

So Did She, or Didn't She???

THAT is the question...isn't it? I will answer it, later. We got home late Sunday night and I am still exhausted! I suppose doing several gazillion loads of laundry, putting everything away, making meals, returning phone calls, getting mugged by the animals that missed us...all that and more, might have something to do with it! We played our hearts out while the cold winds blew and blew and BLEW!!! I think that may have played a part in my exhaustion. I had a lot of random thoughts cross my mind over the weekend. I had a lot of challenges too. Let me bore you with some of this! I found myself challenged to find something to eat while actually at the event. Although the kitchen provided food for the performers, it was a challenge for me to eat like I am used to, even with my self-permission to indulge! The food provided was good and hearty, but it was also very starchy. I had a bun with beans in it because they had run out of meat. I took a few lettuce leaves and put a dollop

Happy Bad Girl

I am on the road tonight. I have been bad today, but I don't feel guilty! For supper tonight I had an Arby's Rubin sandwich and ONION RINGS! I haven't had onion rings for over a year. I did have the Thousand Island dressing on the side, rather than letting them put it in the sandwich. I don't think I even used a tablespoon of the stuff. If I had been concerned, I would have had a roast beef sandwich with no sauce or cheese, taken half the bun off and had apple slices or a side salad. So, why did I "fall off the wagon" today? Well, for one thing, it has been a very active day and will be a very active weekend. We are performing at a renaissance faire. This means being on our feet and walking for most of the weekend. I also ate a good breakfast and had an apple for lunch. Overall I had plenty of calories available to use, and felt like indulging tonight. Tomorrow will be a little different. I brought along my usual pre-made oatmeal, some strawberries, and m

Peeping In

Easter is over and the last of the Easter candy has been consumed. Gads, are we hooked on candy in this country or what??? I did not have a Peep though, because my kid got mine first. Bad me, for letting him have it and for having brought this confection into the house in the first place!!! Have you seen the latest push on TV, or elsewhere, where they are condemning sugar in the American diet? It is the worst thing since....since they condemned fats in our diet! I've been reading information here and there about it. I guess 60 Minutes had a piece on the evils of sugar on their April 1st show. I have also seen a report that says back in the early 1900's the average person may have been eating 20 pounds of sugar a year. Modern day has that amount up to 130 pounds (or more) per year! I can see this as being true because sugar is pumped into almost everything to entice our sweet- tooths . (sweet-teethes?) I wouldn't be surprised to see a future push, vilifying sugars, like t

Short, Sweet, and Pretty Simple

It is kinda busy around these parts. I am still basking in the 'glory' of having met that 100 pound milestone! I have a renewed empathy for those who have to work, take care of kids still at home, or just lead very busy lives too! This week started off with out of state company, a guild meeting, a class, and a day with the same out of state company! I struggled to exercise as much as I could, but it certainly was not easy! I did manage to eat pretty good, but again, I am struggling to meet the minimum amount of calories that I should be eating! All is well so far though. Today's meeting gave me a chance to peek at my weight on the scale and it is still going down! I can hardly wait to see what it is on Saturday. No cute clip art pictures with today's posting. I have a show coming up and I have a laptop that I need to learn how to use. :) I am typing this with the laptop tonight! It is good you can teach old dogs new tricks! Till next time...go for a walk with me!!!

You CAN Do It Too!!!

I found this little cartoon while surfing the Internet last week: I have gotten to the top of the stairs today. Officially, I have now lost 100+ pounds! I hope to write more about my thoughts as I look back on this new life I learned how to live, later next week. I have a super busy schedule for the next few weeks, but of course I had to announce this major achievement and milestone! My reward will be here next week: Yup, I decided this laptop would be the best reward I could ask for! I have wanted one for a long long time! When I post again I hope to include my new set of goals and revisit my old goals. I am still numb that this has really happened! I still ever remain the skeptic and will still eat more this next week in order to test that theory about eating enough calories to make the weight come off! It is so counter intuitive ! It worked this week though! I hope you have a wonderful Easter, or Passover, or Ostara, or however you choose to celebrate this weekend! I plan to ha

No Fools Here!

Things have been a tad on the busy side for me. Sorry I didn't really get much of a post done last week! April 1st was our wedding anniversary. Yes, we ARE fools in love, for sure. :) We are also getting ready for a musical performance at the end of the month (lots of extra practice needed), and a friend of mine is flying in for some workshops with my quilt guild, next week. School will be out at the end of May and the child will be off to Space Camp then too! So pardon me while I get distracted around here! I am still stuck at about 192 pounds, give or take a pound. I have been pleased that I have not become discouraged about it. Concerned? Of course I am! What am I doing about it? Besides making sure I am following along with the lifestyle changes I've made, I am trying to eat more. Wait a minute....did she say MORE? Um, yes, yes I did! According to the BMR figures, I should never eat below about 1450 calories. According to these same figures, I should be able to eat over 2