Zippity Do Da!

Ahhhhhh, it feels soooooo good! Yes, after weeks of being way OFF track, I am finally back ON track! Zippity do da, zippity yay, my oh my, what a wonderful day!
I was all over the place for a while. I didn't give up but I sure was worried for a while. Silly me. I think part of the problem that it took so long to recover from the holidays was our weather here. One day we are in the cold and the next we are in spring like weather. I must admit that walking in the sunshine today was invigorating!

I even dropped a couple pounds. I am always curious to see if that trend stays on the downward slide or not. I would still like to get down another ten or so pounds.

I went back to the pool for the first time in months. My skin was so dried out afterwards! I put lotion on it and I smelled like chlorine. Yuck! I had showered afterwards, but I guess my skin had absorbed more chlorine that I had expected.

It has been fun to have new folks in our weight loss support group. I am always so hopeful that some of them will stick it out and gain control of their lives, learning to live healthier and to maybe lose a few pounds in the process.
I recently found another older photo of me. This couldn't get any more real because both photos were taken in the month of October. The one on the left was in 2007 and on the right October 2012. Gads, was I really THAT fat!!!??? And gads, am I really THAT skinny???!!!

I know this isn't the most interesting posting and is pretty much all about me. I don't have any new tips or tricks to share. I will say though, that giving up is never an option. You might have to side step to get around that big old tree in front of you, but just go forward as soon as you can get around it. You can do it. Shoot, I DID!

Walk-on my friends...see ya on the trail!


Jaye said…
You look so great and I am so amazed that you put all of these photos (even the ones that might be considered unflattering) out there for everyone to see. Walk on!
Sherri said…
Thank you Jaye. It IS scary being so open about this with photos and verbiage...but I truly want to help others conquer their battle of the bulge! That, and I keep motivated by sharing.

Thanks for stopping by! Walk on! :D

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