What's that? It's been a new year for a week now? Really? Gee, time flies! I should have known time was flying since I have been working on getting this post done since New Year's Day.

SO, we made it to another year! Time to celebrate! Time to get back on track if we've strayed off the healthy eating path or if we have not been doing our exercises as we should. (Don't look at me that way!) Of course I was PERFECT over the holidays. Why I exercised every single day! I didn't over indulge. Not me. I am perfect.

Does that all sound right to you? Of course not. I am human! I DID have a perfect holiday as far as exercise and eating healthy. I enjoyed indulgences. I used a lot of shopping in place of actually going to classes for exercising. (Not to mention many of the classes were not going on due to the holidays) I know I gained weight over the holidays. I had way too many carbs, mostly in the form of Chex mix. I had too much alcohol, mostly in wine. I gained about 2.5 pounds. I am not upset about this at all! Ok, I AM a little upset, only because it took so long to lose those same two pounds before! Will it take a long time to get them back off? I don't know yet.

I won't let this set me back though. In fact, I think this will be a great time to see if the theory of 'shocking' the system works. I might have inadvertently kick started a weight loss slide! Then again, maybe not. hahaha

Seriously, there are so many things in transition, it will be interesting to see what does and what does not change. Will the weight go off a little faster or will I be stuck on a plateau for months again? What new exercise regime will I do now that the weight training classes are no longer offered? Will I be walking the trail more? I have so many choices...it is actually exciting!

I haven't made any New Year resolutions. I don't need to. I am resolved to keep on eating right and exercising and enjoying it as much as I can! I will also try not counting calories for a while, to see how 'normal' I can become. Today is the first day that I am doing that.

Ok, if I don't get this posting done and published right now, it will be 2014 before it appears! Or you might think something happened to me and that I quit. Nope, not me! I am still here. I hope you are too! Get back with 'it' as soon as you can folks. It's a great life. Let's live it to the fullest!

As always, dear readers, walk on!


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