Cheap Cheap goes the Chicken

I have done this experiment twice now. I buy baked chicken from the deli when it gets marked down for a quick sale. I have twice bought two containers of baked chicken for $4.13 per box. The full price is $6.99 per container. Each box has two breasts, two thighs, two wings, and two legs. I will then de-bone them as well as take the skin off. I break them up into containers to freeze for homemade chicken soups or other dishes requiring cooked, chopped chicken. After I do this you can see these results on my counter:

As I work to de-bone and de-skin the chicken, I usually nibble at the wings as they are too hard to strip the meat off of. I actually build this in to my lunch as part of the meal. So those three containers to the right are just meat and are mostly from four legs, four thighs, and four breasts. The pile on the left is the skin and bone.

Those three containers cost me $8.26. I weighed them and did the math. I am paying about $3.30 per pound for that chicken. Remember, this is for TWO birds. Now when I see organic chicken on sale that is already de-boned and has the skin removed, $4/lb doesn't seem as expensive. Keep this in mind when you buy whole chickens, whether organic or not. There IS a lot of waste. Chicken really isn't all that cheap when you compare this way, to boneless beef or pork cuts, or ground beef or pork.

I DO still like the convenience of the cooked chicken. I will not pay the full price for it ever! I would be paying close to $10 a pound then!!!

In other notes, we went for a walk today. We went on the trail to see if it was still blocked by the trees that came down during the Christmas storm we had. The trail had mostly been cleared. The huge fifty foot pile of debris in front of our house though, has NOT been picked up yet. We are not amused.

I was down another pound this week. I am not even trying hard to do anything. I am just living a nice normal life and giving myself some down time to relax once or twice a week. Guess what? I am doing just fine! Even I find it amazing to think I can live life this way! It is so easy! And boy do I get off on the men who seem to go out of their way to hold doors open for me! hahahaha My sweet husband has nothing to worry about though. He is still and always will be the love of my life. I just am not used to being treated with respect from strangers. That is kind of sad, isn't it? Hopefully I am helping others to become as happy and healthy and fit and just normal as I am!

Till next week...walk on!


Sherri said…
One addition to my post today...using the chicken carcass for making stock does help defray the cost per pound and you don't feel like everything is totally going to waste!
Excellent idea to buy extra chicken when it's on sale! Rotisserie chickens are go-to dinner at our house paired with a salad. And then, if we're motivated, soup! And yeah, the bones are a pain to deal with but they seem to be key to an excellent homemade broth.

Congrats on rocking the new lifestyle!

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